10 Best Wedding Jewellery Brands

We all want our wedding to be the best day of our lives, with every detail having a special significance. Furthermore, a wedding is also a reflection of your personal taste and style. And there is no better place to highlight your favourite jewellery designer brands than the big day of your fairy-tale wedding.

From table decorations to the wedding gifts and rings, your style should be the driving force for each choice. Whether you prefer a more traditional decadent look or a bold new piece of a jewel-encrusted masterpiece, there is a designer for you. And to help you get a starting point on your search, here are some of the top jewellery designers on the market.

Our Top Ten Jewellery Designers for Your Wedding


  1. Tiffany

if you’re looking for some name-dropping credentials, look no further than uttering the words’ oh, we’re going with Tiffany wedding bands.’ While bragging rights are going to be in your domain whichever designer you choose, Tiffany commands a level of respect and prestige from buyers and industry professionals alike. Their designs are unique and special, fusing their style with an attention for detail with diamonds and gems.


  1. Bvlgari

at the other end of the jeweller, spectrum is the lavish and opulent brand Bvlgari. Their Serpentine collection is the stuff of legends, and the expertise that goes into their designs are jaw-dropping. This is prestige personified and a bold statement, should you choose a Bvlgari wedding ring or luxury necklace.


  1. Van Cleef & Arpels

for those in the know, Van Cleef& Arpels are show-stoppers that will leave your guests with a lasting impression. Van Cleef & Arpels are at the forefront of jewellery design, with mastery of gemstone and production techniques that are impossible to replicate. Their ability to mix traditional jewellery design with contemporary ideas makes them one of the most sought-after brands.


  1. Cartier

what’s in a name? Well, that all depends on what name is on the table. And if it’s a Cartier, you’ll have everyone’s attention. A Cartier, much like the renowned Rolex, are game-changers in an industry that relies on two things: craftsmanship and reputation. Owning a Cartier is akin to having a yacht or a supercar. And you may have heard of the Cartier Panther? This is one of the iconic symbol pieces of jewellery history that cements Cartier as one of, if not the top designer jeweller.


  1. Harry Winston

Harry Winston

To move in a slightly different direction, we veer towards the elegant and timeless pieces by Harry Winston. This brand is the stuff of red carpets, movie premieres and is a firm favourite withHollywood actresses and the elite. While every piece they produce is awash with diamonds and precious gems, the tone is more classical and of another era. Their pieces will dazzle your family and friends, leaving them with memories of decadence and style.


  1. Mikimoto

Top Ten Jewellery Designers for Your Wedding

Next on our list, we’re taking you to the designer who has truly put pearls on the jewellery map. Mikimoto is the vanguard jewellery designer who made the decision to take the finest pearls the world has to offer and produce stunning pieces of art. If you’re a stickler for the highest quality, Mikimoto only uses flawless pearls and eighteen-caret gold for their products. Wearing a Mikimoto is likely to knock the socks off everyone at your wedding.


  1. Graff

To some people, size matters. And if you want something larger than life, then a Graff is for you. Graff is at the top of the designer jewellery league table when it comes to craft, design, and execution. No other brand can boast the resetting of precious gems that Graff has previously undertaken. Seriously – Graff is the only jewellery designer that can state working with a six-hundred-caret diamond. It really doesn’t get much bigger than a Graff when it comes to craftsmanship accolades.


  1. Buccellati


This Italian giant of the jewellery design industry take diamond and gen encrustation to new levels of quality. A Buccellati often utilises a much denser and intricate use of smaller rare diamonds and stones to create visually arresting pieces. Buccellati proudly retains their Roman lineage in their designs, which sets them apart from their peers.


  1. David Yurman

in the timeline of the masters of jewellery designers, David Yurman is the baby of the group. This might explain their ability to stride the boundary of the classical designs and innovative contemporary creations. Unlike other designers, David Yurman likes to incorporate silver into their pieces, as well as gold and platinum. A favourite of high-flyers and celebrities, a David Yurman commands the same status as any other producer on our list.


  1. Hermes

the final entry on our list is the Parisian vanguards of the jewellery design world, Hermes. They’re notable for their combination of leather and enamel with the highest standard of gold and diamonds. Exclusivity is their calling card and owning a piece of Hermes becomes a personal relationship between the buyer and designer. The term bespoke is all too often overused, but not when it comes to a Hermes.


Making Your Big Day One to Remember

Let’s put this into perspective. This is your big day, and you want it to be unforgettable. That magical day that you can tell the grandkids about and recant with your family and friends. What better way of remembering this than a designer engagement and-or wedding ring?

We hope that you find the right brand for you, and your special day is one that will be the point of conversation for many years to come.

About the Author

Brandon Simons is a jewellery blogger based in London, UK. He is passionate about antique and vintage jewellery and loves to blog about ways to style these rare jewels. He also covers the contemporary jewellery designs while collaborating with industry insiders and designers to get insight on the latest trends.