10 Bridal Dupattas that are Killing it in 2018

Do you know that your bridal dupatta will be photographed more than your skirt since it is closer to the face?

Yes, that’s a fact! Still, the general standard of shopping is to choose the lehnga first then think about the blouse and lastly about the dupatta. Right? However in reality, there are lot of things one must consider even before heading for a bridal lehenga shopping.

It’s not just the fabric, color or design that you need to be bothered about. But searching the right dupatta is what your must keep on the top of your list. From the dupatta color to its inner lining, there’s a lot that can be experimented.

We have shortlisted some of the brides who dared to be different on their D-day. They not only look stunning but also won the fashion critics heart. So before you buy womens lehenga online, do get inspired by these stylish and sassy dupattas.

Try These Stylish Ways To Drape A Dupatta With Your Lehenga To Look Like A Royal Bride

Pick a Neutral Shade Dupatta, to Balance your Dark Red Lehenga

Pick a Neutral Shade Dupatta, to Balance your Dark Red Lehenga

A red color bridal lehenga is never out of fashion. But with time, this color outfit has experimented a lot The latest one is the addition of a neutral color Dupatta. Take a look how Divyanka Tripathi balanced her red color lehenga with beige shade dupatta. Its embroidery and shade made her looked even more stylish and beautiful.

Pick a Light Shade Dupatta, If it’s a Kanjivaram Outfit

Pick a Light Shade Dupatta, If it’s a Kanjivaram Outfit

Unlike in north, the girls in the down south don’t cover the head on their wedding day. But we loved how this girl has broken the north-south divide. Take a look at how the addition of light simple dupatta is enhancing her overall looks.

Pick a Contrast Color Dupatta, if the Skirt & Blouse of one Color

Pick a Contrast Color Dupatta, if the Skirt & Blouse of one Color

If your bridal skirt and the blouse are of one color, the outfit may look ordinary. So, add a different shade of dupatta to break the color monotony. For instance, if the dominated shade is peach, then pick a shimmery gold or light blue color dupatta and make it look stand out!

Pick a Banarsi Dupatta to Elevate the Simple Lehenga

Pick a Banarsi Dupatta to Elevate the Simple Lehenga

Banarasi fabric is always in trend when it comes to weddings. So how about adding a Banarsi Dupatta with your bridal lehenga? A Banarasi touch can make the outfit look rich, vibrant and more bridal. But don’t forget a Banarsi dupatta will go well only with a plain  simple lehenga. In fact, it’s a great way to add a pop to your bridal outfit without looking cliche.

Pick a Floral Dupatta to Add a Cool Dimension to the Traditional Lehenga

Pick a Floral Dupatta

Are you a fan of red color bridal lehenga? If yes, then you are just like many of us! Red color bridal lehenga is always in demand. However, we loved it how this girl added a floral dupatta and gave a modern touch to the Red traditional Lehenga.

A Long Dupatta Train to Mesmerize Everyone with your Entry

A Long Dupatta

Nail those shots while stepping down the stairs with your long dupatta train. After all who said only white gowns can create a statement entry? The Indian bridal lehengas are no less! Let not just the Background music make your entry grand. Rather pick a stunning long dupatta and leave a sizzling effect as you walk.

Pick a Shimmery Scalloped Border Dupatta

Pick a Shimmery

The Lakme Fashion Week has introduced the “scalloped border bridal dupattas” a few years back and since then it’s ruling the bridal wear trends. So if you want to add a unique alternative to your bridal dupatta, scalloping edge is the best pick. A pretty shimmery scalloped edge will surely steal everyones heart.

Pick the Least Represented Color for Dupatta, if it’s a Multicolor Lehenga

Pick the Least Represented Color for Dupatta


Selecting a multicolor lehenga is very easy as they are in trend. But not-so-easy part is selecting the dupatta for such outfit. With so many shades, choosing the dupatta color can be a hassle. So remember not add any new shade to your multicolored lehenga. Rather just pick the least color represented on the lehenga as the color of dupatta.

A Floral Inner Lining Border will make all the Difference

Will the inner lining of your dupatta even matter? Well, in simple words “a lot”. In fact, the inner lining of the dupatta will be visible a lot more in the photos than you would want. So girls, how about adding a pretty floral lining against your face? Sounds cool, isn’t it? Look how this floral lining is making the outfit look trendy and prettier.

Pick A light color dupatta for heavy velvet lehenga

Velvet lehenga looks regal, stylish and trendy. But this combination can look miserable if you opt an equally heavy dupatta. So if the dupatta that originally comes with your lehenga is a heavy one, replace it with a lighter piece. Say if the lehenga is in maroon velvet shade, opt a light pink color dupatta. It will balance the super heavy look and enhance the beauty.

Yup, now you know you could do a lot more with the bridal dupatta. So ladies, what are you waiting for? These are just handful of suggestions, there’s a lot more what you can do with your bridal dupatta. Be a daring bride and make your outfit look really different and yet stunning. All The best!