10 Essential Beauty Products to Pack in Your Gym Bag

Nothing makes you look or feel as good as going to the gym does. Everyone knows that through working out at the gym, your body becomes fitter and your overall confidence improves—which is why a number of people hit the gym regularly for good physical and mental health. Yet, as dermatologists and researchers state, one aspect of exercising that gets overlooked easily is its impact on your skin. Exercising flushes out toxins from your bloodstream and increases oxygen flow, which nourishes your skin cells.

Simultaneously, there is a definite downside to exercising for your skin. Sweating it out can cause your skin to become oily and result in an acne breakout. If you are a swimmer, the chlorine in swimming pools can disbalance your pH and cause your skin and hair to become brittle. Fortunately, with the right beauty products, you can combat the adverse effects that working out can have on your skin. Here are ten essential beauty products worth packing in your gym bag:

  1. Cleansing Cloth

One of the primary reasons your skin can break out in acne or a speckle of blackheads is because of the sweat build-up on dead skin cells and dirt-clogged pores. The first step to skincare is using cleansing cloths and wipes to free your skin of sweat after a workout. This does a great job of clearing accumulated dust and residual makeup and leaves you refreshed and cooler. While looking for the ideal cleansing cloth, go for organic beauty products that are filled with natural ingredients that will leave your skin healthy and happy. As Hxbenefit.com finds, organic beauty products filled with Vitamin E, like aloe vera based cleansing wipes, will hydrate and improve your skin.

  1. Dry Shampoo

Your post-workout selfie won’t give you an emotional boost if your hair is all over the place. For that perfect selfie, and all the times you have places to get to after the gym, you need to keep your hair looking fresh and smooth. Of course, you cannot and should not shower after every workout session, or it will strip your hair of beneficial natural oils. Which is where dry shampoo comes in. All you have to do is spray it in your roots and shaft and comb it out. A number of gym instructors attest to its effectiveness, as it leaves your hair voluminous and bouncy.

  1. Sunscreen

 A number of people do not work out at enclosed spaces—there’s a great chance that your exercise of choice is an outdoor sport like running, soccer or swimming. While the sun may feel great on your back, excessive exposure to the sun is actually damaging.  You particularly need to be safeguarded against UVA and UVB rays, which have been found to increase risks of cataract and skin cancer. Sunscreen, therefore, is not an option as much as a necessity for health and wellness. Invest in a sunscreen with high SPF (sun protection factor), such as SPF 30-50, as that means your skin will be protected against harsh sun rays for longer. Make sure to liberally apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you are out in the sun so that your skin has time to sufficiently absorb it.

  1. Organic Face Wash

 After a sweaty workout session, a number of people feel too reluctant to shower, as you may not have a showering space in your gym or it may take too much of your time. But every time you choose to not shower, you literally end up sitting covered in your own bacteria, clogged pores, and irritated skin. Ideally, after a workout, you should shower and soap yourself down to cleanse your skin. Invest in mild, natural organic face wash like the African black soap, made from cocoa pods, palm and shea extracts that helps to gently cleanse your skin while maintaining skin health and quality. Wash your face with cool water and pat dry with a towel.

  1. Extra Tank Tops

 A busy schedule means that you probably hit the gym right after work, or in between chores. You would not want your gym session to be cut short simply because you forgot to pack that all-too-vital part of your workout: gym apparel. The key essential to any gym bag is having an extra tank top and shorts or leggings handy. Not only do they provide ample arm and leg space to really stretch, good gym apparel, like this extra-support tank top, can ensure that your breasts don’t cause you pain or move around as your exercise. Keep your workout apparel handy, since it can make all the difference between a good and a great session.

  1. Juice Mix for Leucorrhea

 A number of women suffer the unspoken problem of excessive vaginal discharge after exercising. While clear to white vaginal discharge is normal and indicative of a healthy reproductive system, excessive vaginal discharge or leucorrhea can cause itching and pain in a number of women. This is especially heightened after exercise due to excessive sweating. However, this sensation can be uncomfortable and unpleasant. To get instant relief in leucorrhea, carry a bottle of some simple (and surprisingly tasty) home remedies. You can crush some figs and add honey to it and store it in a bottle. Or, for a more refreshing drink, mix up honey and some basil leaves in water. After your workout, simply drink either concoction, and you will get instant relief.

  1. Hand Sanitizer

If you are exercising in a public gym or park, you are likely to contract a variety of fungal infections: ringworm, yeast infections, acne and Athlete’s foot are all common skin infections that you might pick up because of the combination of bacteria and sweat. All in all, there are lots of germs at the gym. This is especially incensed while you are touching gym equipment since it might have been used by a person carrying the disease. Ideally, you should wash your hands thoroughly after exercising at the gym, as it is vital to maintaining good hand hygiene. However, that is often not a possibility. Invest, instead, in a travel-size hand sanitizer so that you can sanitize your hands before and after equipment use and maintain good gym hygiene.

  1. Essential Oils for Acne

 A sweaty workout, while stimulating and challenging, is the ideal ground for a fresh outburst of acne. With bacteria, sweat and activated sebaceous glands, your skin can break out into pimples or whiteheads almost immediately after your finish your gym session. To gently cure your pimple as instantly, you can turn to natural products like essential oils. Try applying a drop of antibiotic and antimicrobial essential oils, like tea tree essential oil, on your pimple and leave it to dry. Or you can cleanse your face with lemon essential oils, which helps reduce pimples and battle scarring. Not only as essential oils very effective against acne, they are also organic and smell great, leaving you in a comfortable post-workout haze. For long-term safeguarding against body acne, you can try these five simple steps.

  1. Post-Workout Balm

After vigorous exercise, your muscles can be left feeling sore. This is especially true if you have a pre-existing affliction like a backache caused by inflammation of your muscles. It’s important that you tend to this pain and discomfort immediately, or it can aggravate horribly. Fortunately, you do not have to turn to painkillers, there are natural home remedies for a portable solution. Mix essential oils, beeswax, shea butter and coconut oil to create an anti-inflammatory, moisturizing natural balm. You can store this in small containers and use it for muscular pain as well as chafing.

  1. Microfiber Towel

Although this goes without saying, no gym bag can be complete without a towel. Regardless of your exercise of choice, you need a towel to dry up and wipe away sweat. This will help your hair and skin keep cleaner. Go for microfiber towels, which are extra absorbent and dry up faster, meaning your gym bag will not be soaking after you use it. You can invest in a small hand towel to use to wipe away persistent sweat as you are exercising, and a larger one for bathing and showering.

Exercising is really fun and as studies have repeatedly shown, vital for physical and mental wellness. Your skin should not be a deterrent in your journey towards good health, especially because good skincare is a vital part of feeling and looking good. Invest in the right beauty products and your exercise journey will become healthier and happier.

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