10 Genius Morning Beauty Hacks to Save your Time

There are many times when it becomes impossible for us to wake up from the bed on time. As a result, we compromise on our beauty routine to make it in time to our class/ work. If you know some beauty hacks then you don’t need to juggle between your well-balanced breakfast and daily beauty routine.

Here are Some Genius Beauty Hacks that will give you Most out of your Time:

1. Dry Shampoo to the Rescue

Hair wash usually takes more time than any other beauty regime. Many times we can not skip this ritual as our hair is looking frivolously dirty and unruly. A dry shampoo can save you from the trouble of hair wash on a day you are running late. Just spray it on the oily/dirty roots, message a little, comb and you are good to go.

2. Beachy Waves without Extra Efforts

We all love to flaunt gorgeously styled hair. To get them easily damp your hair by spraying water, apply styling cream (optional). Then make two braids and just to go sleep as usual. When you open your hair next morning you will have gorgeous wavy hair that looks saloon styled. With this little trick, you will have glamorous hair day in no time.

3. Prep your Makeup Bag on Weekend

Organise your makeup bag/ box on the day you are free. This way it will be easier for you to find all your stuff on a regular office/college day.

4. Lipstick that Does it all

Carrying a lipstick in your bag can be more beneficial than you think. When you want to bring some colour to your face just apply some lipstick colour on your cheeks and eyes this will give you an instant glow. Also, there are many lip and cheek stains in the market that you can buy for this purpose.

5. Plan for the Morning

Deciding on what to wear for the day takes most of our time. So, try to plan your clothes and accessories a night before. Place them on your dressing table and you can wear them in the morning right after the shower. You can enjoy heavy discounts on new clothes by visiting Jabong store.

6. Conceal Away the Eye Bags

If you haven’t been able to get a proper sleep for a while your eyes will show it. Keep a concealer ready on your dressing table. Apply just a tiny quantity in the morning and you will look awake in no time.

7. Shower a Night Before

If you want to have a good night sleep without the worries of waking up early just take a shower in the night. Not only you will sleep better but also save your shower time for the next morning.

8. Winged Eyeliner in a Stroke

eye liner tips

Having a perfect winged eyeliner doesn’t have to be a time taking. Place a card on the side of your eyes and use the eyeliner along the edge of the card. This will instantly give a smooth and sleek line without a mess. Also, if you still made a mistake just coat a cotton swab in petroleum jelly and remove the ruined part in a swipe.

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9. Steal Time from your Tasks

If you have put something to boil you can do your makeup till it is done. You can brush while the hair conditioner does its magic, eat your snack while reading the news or just think of something that fits your daily routine. You will realise that you have saved a lot of time.

10. Leave Finishing Touches for Commute

Prepare a small makeup pouch and put the makeup items that you can use anywhere. Lipstick, kajal, eyebrow pencil, and hand cream are some of the items that you can easily use anywhere anytime. So, save some time from your morning ritual and use these items when you are free.

Try these smart beauty hacks in our daily life and save your precious time for the things that you want to do.