4 Jewelry Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Jewelry Trends 2018

It’s the start of a new year, and the perfect time to create a new look with some trend-setting jewelry. This year’s styles invite you to come up with something unique and original — big, bold and creative are the orders of the day.

To give you some ideas for turning heads in 2018, here are four jewelry trends to look out for in 2018:

Mismatched Earrings

As a kid, did you ever wear mismatched socks? It might have been one of those dark, winter mornings when you could barely see which ones you were pulling out of the drawer, or you might have been wanting to draw special attention at school.

While I’m not suggesting you suspend a pair of mismatched socks from your ears in 2018, mismatched earrings are definitely in! You could go for a pair of asymmetrical earrings that match in all but length, put yourself even more ‘out there’ with completely different styles of earrings, don a fashionable single leaving the other ear bare, or even experiment with an ear climber for an artsy look.

Grandma’s Pin

If you’re more of the family heirloom type, 2018 is the time to break out those gold and silver brooches left to you by your grandmother. It may be vintage, it may be gaudy, but in 2018, those big, ornate brooches are back in style.

Wear them with pride on your heavy winter jackets and party dresses alike. Match the gemstones with your outfit, the metal with your necklace and earrings, and even experiment with hairstyles to show them off and make granny proud.

Now you have a good excuse to go rummaging through your closet and rediscover all those old keepsakes you had stored away –– who knows what you might find?


For nature lovers, 2018 is a great year to adorn yourself with designs inspired by the plant and animal kingdoms. If you’re really creative, you could make a tiara from flowers and grass, or string together some matching feather earrings and a necklace. With a little more skill and some tools, fashion a set of colorful seed-bead jewelry, weave some drop-earrings, or twist fine wire into delicate leaf shapes.

If you’re more into contemporary fine jewelry, you could go for some handcrafted gold, silver and gemstones with nature-inspired designs. Make sure that your diamond jewelry is conflict-free and ethically sourced to protect mine workers while your sparkling pieces are admired by those around you.

Finally, layered necklaces are a clever way to combine elements of nature with individual pendants. You could go with a sun and moon, earth and water, man and beast, summer and winter, or any other combination of your choosing. Careful — collecting pendants can be addictive!

Discover Your Inner Gypsy

Our last trend for 2018 is a must for free souls and aspiring gypsies. This one is all about making a statement with long and chunky earrings, and decorating those ankles with some bling.

Statement earrings are in fashion this year — whether they feature chunky cubes, intricate tiered drop designs, tassels or even a human face.The idea is to turn heads and let the world know who you are. For example a musician might go for statement earrings in the shape of their musical instrument, or a cycling fanatic could dangle some sweet wheels from those lobes.

Even if you’re not keen to draw quite that much attention, long is definitely the way to go. Some elegant shoulder-dusting pendants, a soft fringe or a sparkling waterfall could be just the thing to bring out your whimsical side this year.

To complete the look, experiment with anklets ready for the summer season. Combine these artfully with your earrings, necklace and outfit to show off your sense of style and pizzazz. Wearing a fine, gold chain? Set this off with a matching golden anklet. Making a statement with some peacock-themed statement earrings? Add some matching fringe and tiny colored stones to set it off.

And remember — jewelry trends in 2018 are all about getting creative and expressing your individuality. So pick the fashion that matches your style, and have some fun!

Author Bio:

Lynn Lewis is a freelance writer and personal stylist based in Los Angeles, CA. She has clients throughout LA, Beverly Hills, and Hollywood. She loves writing about fashion and accessories. In her free time, she spends her days roaming boutiques to find the newest trends to bring to her clients.