5 Reasons Why Women Love Ruby

These days a large number of people are moving towards colored gemstones. More and more people want to express their individuality and style, and colored gemstones give them a great outlet to do that! And when it comes to engagement rings, more people are moving towards non-diamond alternatives.

This is one reason why the ruby is becoming an increasingly popular gemstone.

Many celebrities are sporting the gemstone, including famous personalities such as Paris Hilton, Sarah Ferguson, Mila Kunis and Jessica Simpson.

And did you know that Mark Zuckerberg proposed to his wife with a ruby engagement ring?

If you too would like to jump on the Ruby bandwagon, then you’ve come to the right place! We are going to outline the top 5 reasons to wear the ruby gemstone!

It is durable


One of the main things, when you select a gemstone, is the consideration of whether or not the stone is durable. This is one area that the ruby skips ahead of most other gemstones!

It is an extremely durable and tough stone, ranking 9 on the Mohs scale (diamond, the hardest natural substance, ranks 10).

This means that you can wear your ruby jewelry daily and it will generally be able to resist scratches and damage.

With minimal care, you can have your ruby jewelry last a long time!

A distinct color

While most gemstones come in a variety of colors (diamonds come in almost every color under the sun?), rubies are only found in one color – red. This makes it distinct and easy to identify.

Although there are many shades of ruby red, the best is the color of ‘pigeon blood red’ which is the term used in the industry. These are also very expensive but a great investment.

An ever-increasing value


Rubies have always been expensive, but now the prices are going through the roof! This is because many people are starting to desire the gorgeous red gemstone. With the increase in demand, of course, the prices go up.

The world’s most expensive gemstone is a ruby. Called the Sunrise Ruby, this gemstone was auctioned for over $30 million and was the most expensive gemstone every to be sold.

Not every ruby will cost you that much! Many rubies on the market are within the budget of most people, however, bear in mind that most of these rubies are heat treated.

Don’t let that scare you. Heat treatment is a standard practice in the gemstone industry used to enhance and improve gemstones.

With the price of rubies increasing, they make for a great investment. Rubies have always been prized and coveted throughout history, and it can safely be assumed that this is not likely to change anytime soon.

A gemstone of love

From ancient times, rubies have been highly valued for their gorgeous distinct color. Because of their strong red color, rubies have been connected to strong feelings such as anger and love.

This is why rubies have come to symbolize love and loyalty, passion and desire.

From a symbolic standpoint, the ruby makes a great engagement or promise ring because it symbolizes the feelings between two people.


Rubies are extremely rare

Did you know that a ruby is much rarer than diamonds? Diamonds can be found globally whereas rubies are only found in certain locations, such as Burma, Madagascar and Sri Lanka. What’s more, rubies are the rarest of all the colored gemstones.

This makes the ruby a great gift for a loved one because what better way to say that they are your ‘one-in-a-million’ than by gifting them with a stone that is one in a million?

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