5 Top Beauty Tips for Beautiful Long Hair

All of us desire shiny, long and healthy hair. One may think that the path to beautiful hair is by use of hair products and tools. But this may not be the truth- as these items can result in hair damage.

Instead of this, there are some natural methods to get long and healthy hair. While there is no magic formula, you can grow long hair with lots of patience and some dedication. Also, remember that speed of growth varies from person to person, so you need not fret by comparing. Consult beauty tips in Hindi for long hair, by online means.

Here are some top tips for long and beautiful hair:

Avoid applying heated tools

You must try and avoid hot hair tools as much as possible. Hot tools are the number one enemy of healthy hair. Your hair must be permitted to dry in a natural manner following washing and keep a limit on the use of heated tools. You can use a product for heat protection in case you are insistent on using heat. But always remember that you will surely cause some damage to hair whenever you use hot tools.


hair Trimming

You may not like to cut hair because you think it will be short and will not grow. The fact is that as your hair grows longer, it becomes less healthy. You can just trim at least half an inch every month which will lower the chances of getting split-ends. If you have colored your hair, chances of split ends is higher. For long, healthy hair, you must get rid of bits that are unhealthy. You must trim hair regularly as there is no better way to deal with split-ends.

Do moisturizing

After you deal with split-ends, use a moisturizing conditioner after shampooing to avoid split ends in the future. You may use a strong conditioner, one time every week. Your hair and scalp will also benefit from oiling. You can use any kind of oil treatment to nourish your hair. Healthy hair is a precursor for long hair. Compared to long hair with damages, short and healthy hair is much better.

Right diet

food hair growth

A poor diet causes limp, weak and unhealthy hair. In case nutrition provided to your body is inadequate, it will reflect in your hair. The balanced diet helps in hair growth. Take care to include fresh vegetables, fruits as well as proteins in the diet. You must also drink plenty of water. You can even consume multi-vitamins for proper nutrition.

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Use comb with wide teeth

When your hair is wet, avoid combing as much as possible. This is because when hair is wet, it is more prone to damage. While shampooing, avoid rubbing the roots as it will weaken hair. Do gentle massage on your scalp to enhance blood circulation. Allow hair to air dry rather than by toweling. In case your hair turns frizzy and knotted, use a wide toothed comb for sorting hair. A wooden comb will do well.

These are some of the tips for growing and maintaining, healthy, long and beautiful hair. Check for tips for beautiful hair in Hindi from popular hair stylists in Hindi magazines or online.