6 Smart Ways to fix Dry and Damaged Hair

Don’t you hate when your hair is all dry and frizzy?

Maybe it is that time of the year where the temperatures are so high, and your body is fighting to retain some moisture for that deserved glow, but the heat is too much.

The loss of moisture on your body is one thing, but when it comes to hair, you risk a lot of damage and breakage. Therefore, you need to remedy the situation as soon as you identify it.

How then do you handle dry and damaged hair? Before the damage is far along, here are six smart ways to fix the dryness and damage:

Use sulfate-free shampoos

When hair is too dry, people tend to run for a wash to add in moisture. Even though the water will add some moisture to your hair, your shampoo can determine whether or not you lose more moisture than you are adding.

Hair thrives on natural oils produced by the body that runs through your hair strands. Shampoo rich in sulfates may thoroughly clean your hair and scalp, but it will also wash off all the oils, stripping your strands of the protection from these essential oils. The same goes for conditioners. Instead, opt for products with natural hair products that will be kinder to your skin and hair, unlike sulfates.

Trim the ends

Much as you care for length, once your hair begins to suffer damage because of lack of moisture, you need to make the scissors or hair clippers your friend.

Trimming helps get rid of overly tangled hair, split ends and damaged strands.

The trim should not be so far up that you compromise on your length, but rather, enough to get rid of the split ends and attain evenness.

Should you doubt the steadiness of your hands in making an even cut throughout your hair, visit a salon and get a stylist do it for you.

Condition and moisturize your hair

At realizing your hair is dry, the apparent solution is to moisturize it so you can prevent further damage. Your conditioner should be your best friend, helping you lock in moisture as well as soften the texture of your locks.

Assuming you have chosen a good-quality conditioner, apply it the right way. Make sure you run the product throughout your hair strands, without necessarily focusing on the damaged hair.

The idea is to prevent the damage from progressing, so you need to cover all hairs.

Hot oil treatment

Why Hair Oil is Good for Your Hair

Since oils are essential for healthy and lustrous hair, you need to give your mane a treat, by giving it a hot oil treatment.

Ideally, oils form a protective layer around the strands of your cuticle, nourishing the hair shaft while preventing further damage.

All you need is one or two essential oils, for example, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oils, among other types.

Mix one teaspoon of each of the oil you are using, and after heating it, rub it gently through your hair strands, running your fingers through from the ends to the scalp.

Let the oils sit for a couple of minutes before you hit the shower.

Try out a hair mask

Hair masks are popular because of their proved effectiveness in aiding hair growth. You can try out both the moisturizing and protein masks.

The moisturizing hair mask is useful in restoring moisture in your strands, but the protein masks will help in recovery and replenishing of the damaged hair.

Since hair is made from proteins, you can try making a protein mask at home with eggs. The mask directly soaks into your hair to coat it, strengthen it, and transfer nutrients necessary for growth and salvaging them from further damage.

Stay away from hot tools

hot roller

It could be that the dryness and damage you are experiencing is as a result of overusing heat on your hair. If you have used your dryer, for example, at a very high temperature without applying a heat protectant on your hair, then you will damage some strands.

Instead, consider an air drying, or if heat is a must, regulate the temperatures.

Nothing is more frustrating than getting to the point of shearing your mane off because the dryness went too far and your strands have suffered too much damaged.

Before it gets that serious, fix the issues with these six ways mentioned in the article.

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