7 fall bags trends that are about to take over

We often try to get the latest outfit for every season. This level of attention towards the clothing and occasionally, the footwear is very common. You could find lots of blogs telling you about what is the latest trend when it comes to clothing and footwear. What most people forget about is an important piece of accessory, the bag.

Therefore, this blog is going to focus on the latest and greatest bags that you should buy this fall. Before we get started I would like to remind you that you could avail discounts on these bags using the hot topic coupons in case, you decide to get one.

So, without further ado, let us get started.Hunter Green Bag


#1 Hunter Green Bags


The Hunter Green is the definitive colour this season. The fall season is associated with leaves falling on the ground and covering it. This goes along with the Hunter Green bags and the dark hues found on the bag makes them look even more beautiful.

The Hunter Green Bags come in many different shapes and designs such as the Oscar de la Renta bucket-shaped bag having a gold latch.

These bags were featured at the Gabriela Hearst, you might remember the chic briefcase which had a simplistic top handle and a modern round design. At the Adeam’s Runway show, another beautiful variant with a furry detail was presented which was simply gorgeous.

So, if you are looking for a simple yet elegant bag design then these Hunter Green Bags will be a great choice for you.


Box Bag

#2 Box Bags


If you are looking for a bag which is simple and trendy at the same time then you should get a Box bag this fall. They look like the fashionable cousin of the classic school lunch-boxes and offer clean lines with a simple overall look.

A cool looking, bright orange box bag featured at the Calvin Klein’s runway show. It featured a long strap to put the bag across your shoulder and there was yet another variant at the Badgley Mischka’s which had a red colour and a small top handle featuring a gold latch and had rhinestone details.

These bags are available in a variety of colours and offer a different kind of straps and latches to suit your needs and you could use the hot topic coupons to get a great deal on these amazing bags.


Top Handle Bucket Bag

#3 Top Handle Bucket Bags


This fall you are in luck if you were looking for some simple designs for the bag as there are plenty of them on the market. The Top Handle Bucket Bags are one of the finest designs out there. This season, the top handle bucket bag has been presented in a new avatar. It features a simple cylindrical compartment along with a thick strap or handles to either put it over your shoulder or carry it in your hands.

There was a brilliant navy coloured bucket bag at the Brandon Maxwell event. It featured a clutch along with a portable size so that it could be easily carried in the hand. Another great specimen of this bag was presented at the Derek Lam event. This bag had a cylindrical shape with a medium sized strap and featured a large gold buckle.

A Top Handle Bucket Bag is a great choice if you are looking for a new bag as it is not only elegant but also spacious and you could carry necessary things around while looking trendy as usual.


Barrel Bag#4 Barrel Bags


If you were impressed by the design of the bucket bags then you would definitely love to own a barrel bag. These bags are a great alternative to the bucket bags and offer similar features when it comes to simplistic design and a large carrying capacity.

The bags appear quite similar to a duffle bag but have a huge advantage of size. These are made to be carried in the hand and are one of the most popular designs this fall. So, use the hot topic coupons to get the beautiful tomato red coloured Barrel Bag from Building Block.


School Sized Backpack

#5 School Sized Backpack


The fall season signifies the advent of winter and what’s cooler than the winter? A trendy school bag. If you don’t believe me then have a look at the colourful furry version of the usually simple looking school bag featured Jeremy Scott event. This along with the Coach 1941’s dark green leather backpack definitely deserves a spot on the list of most popular bags for the fall of 2018.

These are bags are not just trendy but practical as well due to the large space they offer. The multiple compartments let you carry lots of things ranging from books, spectacles cases to notebooks and full-sized laptops.

If you are interested in a trendy yet functional bag, then look no further than these school-sized backpacks.


Pyramid Shaped Bag


#6 Pyramid Shaped Bags


Yes, pyramid-shaped bags exist and are quite popular in the fall of 2018. The bags were first showcased by Moschino and Marni during their fall event and are simply stunning and unique to look at.

The architectural aesthetics of these bags feature sharp and elegant lines and add a mystical feeling to the bag as they look similar to the world-famous pyramids of Egypt. The bags are available in a variety of colours with different strap design to let you carry the bags in your hands or put it across your shoulder.

The unique design and gorgeous colours are definitely going to have many heads turned into your direction. So, don’t just wait! Go out and grab one of these today.


Pouch Bag

#7 Pouch Bag

If you are not interested in the uniquely shaped bags that were presented to you before then these Pouch bags will definitely impress you. The dumpling shaped bags are elegant and don’t attract attention like some other bags on this list.

These bags come in lots of colours and strap options and are a perfect companion if you are going for a party. The Staud Pouch bag which comes in a white colour, features a beautifully designed braided strap which lets you carry the bag in your hands.

These bags are small and perfect choice during the fall if you are looking for a beautiful and truly simple bag.



I hope that you liked the bags featured on this list. These are some of the most popular bags for the fall of 2018 and you should definitely try them, maybe you would find a perfect one to carry around as you spend some quality time this fall season.