7 Secret Make Up Tips To Look amazing in Photographs

 How To Look amazing in Photographs

We all look completely different in pictures than the way we look in real life. But, some of us look beautiful while others regret even taking pictures. So, we are going to tell you some amazing makeup tips and tricks that will help you look amazing in photographs:

Use The Sheerest Foundation:

makeup foundation

Keep in mind that pictures demand bold makeup look. So, in order to achieve that, you need to apply the sheerest makeup possible. Begin by applying an amazing mask for blackheads, if you have any. Then use the sheer foundation formula, and start applying from the center of the face. Blend thoroughly over the tip of your nose, around the nostril, tip of the chin and acne breakout areas. You won’t believe the change it makes in your pictures.

Concealing Is Mandatory:

Whenever you want to do a makeup that is fit for photography, do apply a concealer properly. It helps in hiding the weak points of your face like dark circles, acne marks, pigmentation and blemishes. Use a concealer that is only one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. It will help in hiding the dark circles and scars in camera.

Choose Matte Makeup:

Photography comes with a lot of flashes, and you would never want that extra piece of light to destroy your outlook. The safest way is to choose matte makeup for events when photography is your end goal. It will look realistic and natural at the same time.

Blush And Bronzer A Must:

When it comes to photography, you must prefer bright colors and a little bit of pop on your face. This is why, never skimp on blush or bronzer. Use bronzer and blush that brings warmth to your cheeks, and stand out whenever a picture is taken.

Contouring and Highlighting:

Photography demands a complete appearance, and this is why you should also contour and highlight properly. Contouring can emphasize your perfect features and will make them look good in the camera. It makes your face firmer, thinner and attractive in pictures.

Top Off With Translucent Powder:
Translucent Powder

To prevent your makeup from melting in the middle of the event, it is mandatory to apply a translucent powder. Set areas around your T-zone that can get oily with a loose setting powder. Typically, these areas are your forehead, under-eye area, and around your nose and mouth. Choose a good quality powder, so that you don’t get a caked-on look.

Don’t Apply Nude Lipsticks:

lipsticks shades

It is totally a sin to apply nude lipsticks and light colors when you want to take amazing pictures. Always apply bold and dark colors so that they may make you shine and pop out in the photographs easily.

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