7 Trendy Tattoo Designs That Are A Beautiful Extension Of Self

If there’s one trend that doesn’t seem to go out of sight, it is undeniably the craze for tattoos. Since times immemorial, tattooing has appeared as an inevitable practice in different parts of the world, predominantly amongst Germanic and Celtic tribes. The earliest tattoo inks were made of carbon and ash but advancement of technology gave way to better techniques and today, tattoo has become an important aspect of life, usually of youths.

There are certain tattoo designs which don’t go out of trend and appear and reappear inked quite a lot. These tattoos are strong, powerful, relatable and definitely provide a certain level of motivation to individuals. Let us have a look at these trendy tattoo designs that have grabbed several eyeballs and hearts and if you are planning to get one on yourself, these best tattoo designs could be your go-to art. Take the guide:

  1. Rainbow Tattoo

rainbow tattoo

The rainbow is laden with symbolic meanings and a universal message of hope as rainbow appears after rains. But if we dive deeper, the warm colours like red, yellow stand for emotions while the cold colours like purple and blue mean wisdom and self-consciousness. All in all, rainbow tattoos are joyous and smile-provoking.

  1. Anchor Tattoo

anchor tattoo

This classic choice is quite old school and represents stability. Formerly popular amongst sailors, this tattoo design has become a trendy choice with the name of a person emblazoned with the anchor. It remains as a constant reminder of what provides you stability.

  1. Heart Tattoo

heart tattoo

Heart tattoo designs have seen creativity at unimaginable levels. A heart design made of roses, the infinity symbol heart design, finger print heart design, paw print heart design are to name a few. Hearts have been the most popular tattoo design that will never slide down from the trendy tattoo list.

  1. Floral Tattoo

floral tattoo

Floral tattoo come in various designs, each symbolizing different meaning. A daffodil tattoo stands for truth and honesty while hibiscus means royalty and respect. These floral tattoos can be in wide range of colours. So, choose what you want to manifest through your flower wisely.


  1. Bird Tattoo

bird tattoo

The aesthetic bird design for tattoos is very popular and makes a perfect match for people who are fascinated with the skies. The trendy bird tattoo design symbolizes love, peace and freedom. However, different bird art symbolizes different meanings, say, phoenix represents prowess, intelligence and honour while tweety bird design is a playful fun choice highlighting the cheerful side of life.


  1. Music Notes Tattoo

music notes tattoo

If you are seeking a tattoo that speaks highly of your passion for music, music notes tattoo is a sophisticated, simple and powerful choice. Alternatively, you can also get the music quotes of your favourite song inked as well.

  1. Parachute Tattoo

parachute tattoo

For people with an adventurous spirit, parachute is the next trendy tattoo design that are pure testament of bravery, discovery and heroism. If you are wild and free and enjoy freedom more than anything else, parachute tattoo is your call.

These trendy tattoo designs have definitely won a million hearts and we bet yours too. So, which one are you going for?