7 ways to prevent coffee stains from your teeth

If you aspire to maintain clean white teeth, you need to be a little precautious of your eating habits. This shall allow you to remain confident all the time and smile without any inhibitions. While a lot of us can not see a day until and unless we get our morning joe, we may not be aware of its impact on the teeth. Drinking coffee can cause the yellowing of your teeth with the passage of time.

Contrary to the popular belief, your enamel is not exactly flat and smooth as it appears. It contains pits that are microscopic in size. Now, consumption of certain foods and beverages on a daily basis can amount to clogging of these pores over time. This causes the discolouration of the teeth. Although drinking your coffee can actually cause staining on your teeth, there are certain ways you can prevent contracting them. Let us read on to find about them in detail.

Drinking using a straw

Since the teeth catch stains due to the direct contact of the coffee and teeth, you can find a way to drink it without letting that happen. What better way than using a straw? You can simply drink it whenever you please and still not worry about the discolouration.


Thus, whether are you travelling, walking or sitting at a place, you can easily go with your beverage. Not only is it beneficial for oral health, but it also adds up to the convenience. The straw need not be only plastic and can also be a wooden one.

Use a toothbrush

tooth brush

The stronger the coffee is, the intense will be the staining of the teeth. However, there is a way that acts like a sure-shot success in its prevention. It is about brushing your teeth. We all know how important it is to brush our teeth on a daily basis. It helps us maintain a good dental hygiene and wards off tooth decay and harmful bacterias.

Besides this routine, inculcate a habit of brushing your teeth gently after every cup of coffee you drink. Not only will this clean the teeth immediately but shall also save them from permanent stains.

Rinse your mouth after coffee

Make it a habit to rinse your mouth with water whenever you have a cup of coffee. This is an extremely simple step you can perform, irrespective of the place you are. As per an article, swishing shall help you remove the stains and shall go a long way in their prevention as well.


Ideally, you should do it within 5 minutes of the time you finish your cup. Following this easy ritual is going to play a vital role in the protection of the teeth from discolouration for ages to come.

Floss every day


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We generally tend to be a little ignorant of the gaps between the teeth and focus on the outward cleansing. The fact of the matter is that the food particles and beverage substances stuck in these gaps can fasten the process of catching stains. Thus, it is imperative to floss your teeth on a daily basis to keep up with the oral hygiene requirements. A study also suggests its ability to reverse the effects of discolouration of the teeth.

  • Take a floss of the length of about 20 inches.
  • Twirl the ends of the floss at the middle finger and the index finger.
  • Clean the gaps between the teeth in a ā€˜Cā€™ curve of a push-pull motion.


Try to visit the Dentist once a month. Many of us have fear for the dentist so we avoid it most of the time but Sedation Dentistry is something which helps to reduce anxiety and fear while taking dental treatment.

Take regular sips of water between your beverage

The best way to prevent the accumulation of stains on the teeth, keep taking a sip of water along with your beverage. You can alternatively take a sip of your coffee and water, wherever you may choose to have it.

This method will allow you to keep washing away the discolouring agents from the gaps in the teeth, which may later turn out to be the reason for stains. On the plus side, your beverage is likely to last longer with this method as well.

Add more milk in your coffee

The colour of the coffee can become an indicator of how harmful can it be for teeth staining. Usually, darker the colour of the coffee, stronger is its effect. The acids present in it can contribute to the yellowing of the teeth. An article suggests that you can neutralize the effect of your coffee by adding a good amount of milk to it.

Milk is high in proteins, which binds to the polyphenols present in the coffee. This facilitates an easy passage of the acids into the stomach instead of attaching to the teeth, where they can be broken down easily. The higher the fat content of the milk, more the effect of the milk shall be in preventing the staining of the teeth. Hence, it is preferable to drink coffee made with the addition of cow milk.


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Utilize the whitening products

You can consult your dentist regarding the selection of the toothpaste for a beautiful set of teeth. Make frequent use of your Mouthwash. They help remove plaque and protect the teeth from the onset of tooth decays. Besides, you can also use sugar-free gums from time-to-time for their ability to keep the mouth fresh and treat stains. They also promote the production of more saliva, which does not allow the stains to settle for more than a while.


Technology has seen a lot of advancement over the years. The EZ IO needles, for instance, help provide an access to the bones of the patients with a lot of ease for the purpose of various treatments. Similarly, dental science has also seen the development of teeth-whitening technologies and bleaching products for the teeth.

Drinking coffee is all not that bad for the health. There are some amazing benefits that come along with consuming a cup of coffee on a regular basis. However, it can also be a little harmful to the teeth at the same time. This does not mean you have to forgo coffee altogether. Just keep these simple tips in mind to reverse the negative effects of coffee on dental health. Apply them to keep those pearly whites healthy and beautiful.

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