8 Things You Gotta Get Before Undergoing Body Sculpting

People make a lot of efforts to achieve the body they’ve always dreamed of, and so, since then, there have been many different techniques and treatments discovered and performed by people as well to fulfill those desires. One of them is body sculpting. Sometimes, it’s called liposuction or “lipo” — the term it’s most famous with. The aim of this process is to contour or reshape the body by lessening or removing fat and skin from the areas where there seems to be an excess of them.

Numerous people, most especially television personalities and icons, have undergone body sculpting, and you can see how successful many operations have become. However, there are also a number of cases wherein body sculpting operations didn’t become successful, rather disastrous. There are many factors which could be due to patient’s matters or the surgeon’s matters.

It is very important that you don’t just take a look at the good outcomes of body sculpting but also take into consideration the risks. You want change in your body, and I’m pretty sure it’s some beautiful change that you want. If you are planning to avail this kind of body reforming or if you have a  loved one who will, take a look at these things you need to get before finally deciding to reshape your body and before finally getting into the operation itself.

1 – Get Full and Clear Awareness

First and foremost, you should know what you’re getting yourself into. Body sculpting isn’t some sort of a sticker you can just peel off when you don’t want it anymore. It’s actually altering your body, changing how your body looks like and how it feels. Know what the treatment involves.

Keep in mind that it isn’t a hundred percent sure success, meaning there could be unexpected difficulties. Consider the risks included in it. You should know the procedures which will be done to you. Don’t be shy to ask questions like “how does it feel?” It’ll help you prepare yourself emotionally.

Take note of the recovery and healing period too. You might expect that it’ll take a short time, but it sometimes, it depends on the case. You might schedule a trip or an event some time after the operation when you still cannot move a lot because of it, so make sure to think about that important period. Clearly know your do’s and don’ts before, during and after the treatment.  

2 – Get to Know Your Surgeon

One of the common mishaps encountered by some people who undergo body sculpting is trusting false or unlicensed surgeons. Take a look into his/credentials. Research about his/her reputation, skills, competence, past records and reviews if any.

Don’t easily trust, most especially if you don’t know the surgeon. Make a background check, and ask many questions. He/She must be well trained and qualified to bring about the procedure. Know how sufficient his/her experience in the field  is.

Don’t hesitate to inquire about their body sculpting facilities and other materials to be used in the operation. Be very alert when it comes to this. If there’s anything suspicious, retreat and report if needed. You don’t want to waste your time, money and body.

3 – Get Medical Approval

If you have a personal doctor, make sure you consult him/her first to know whether you can undertake body sculpting. You can also have the surgeon himself/herself to check up on you.

Get cleared. It is vital that the surgeon who’ll work on you is completely knowledgeable of your current medical conditions and medical history.

Be honest about your lifestyle, health condition and medicine intakes. All proposed and prescribed labs examinations must be taken; these tests may include blood tests, urinalysis, x-rays and many others based on the case’s need.

Not getting medical opinions and approval is very dangerous because there might be some procedures or chemicals which may not be appropriate for your body and health.

4  – Get Financially Prepared

Well, you shouldn’t think of this too much while undergoing the surgery because it might just hurt even more. HAH! Kidding aside, body sculpting is pricier than eating an unlimited rice meal, so get your wallets ready as well.

5 – Get Ready for What’s Next

Even before making a final decision, be futuristic. Research and inquire about the proper ways to take care of yourself for a speedy recovery and to attain best results. Know what to avoid like smoking, herbal supplements and anti-inflammatory antidotes.

6 –  Get Healthy

If you’ve already decided that you’re going to color your dream of reshaping your body, then make sure to get healthy. Eat healthy (although there’s a period of time when the patient’s asked to fast as the surgery approaches). Take a lot of rest. Consume plenty of water.

7 – Get Your Family and Your House Ready

Note that after you undergo the surgery, your capabilities will temporarily be limited. You may not be able to do house chores or move and travel a lot for some time, so be prepared beforehand. You may already fix your house and all your tasks ahead of time, or you can inform your family members or any trusted friend so they’ll be able to adjust and do things in behalf of you.


8 – Get Mentally and Emotionally Prepared

Watching videos of body sculpting procedures won’t help. It may just scare or put some second thoughts in you. Relax and keep yourself at ease as much as possible. Picture yourself in the “new version” that is about to become you. Know your purpose of considering the treatment. Ask yourself again, and confirm if this is really what you want to do.

Undertaking body sculpting is one unknown shot of chance to achieve the “you” you are trying to obtain. It’s just “one” shot because it’s either you get a successful one or not. It’s unknown but you know it’s just between “successful” or “failed”.  Sometimes, people would just think that conflicts that happened in body sculpting practices resulted from the doctor’s irresponsibilities all the time; but the truth is that patients also have a big role here.

Hopefully, this piece has helped you understand your “gotta GET!’s” before you consider remodeling your body and even before you lie down on the surgical bed. It’s always better to be sure and safe than uncertain and miserable.   


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Geniale, a holistic Medical Aesthetics and Skin Cancer Centre that aims to provide brilliant experience, treatment and result to its guests. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts . “To God be the glory”

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