A Step by Step Guide on How to Blow Dry Your Hair

Nothing beats that exhilarating feeling of walking out of the salon with bouncy, soft layered hair. The confidence that comes with knowing you look flawless is unmatched and quite unusual. Many wonders why doing it by themselves does not yield the expected result.

There is a certain process that has to be followed for one to achieve perfect hair. Heat is not a friend to our hair, and this is why it is important to have a step by step procedure on how to go about blow drying your hair. Lack of proper information (and skill) may lead to dull, frizzy hair full of static energy. This is why I am sharing a detailed tutorial on how you can achieve perfectly done hair, with extra bounce if you have some extra time.


First step: Prepare Your Hair

Thoroughly shampoo your hair to remove any product build-up or residue. Once you are sure it is very clean, gently pat the hair dry. Alternatively, you can let your hair air dry because rubbing your hair may result in breakage.

Have your hair into two sections, the left and the right. The blow dryer should be at its highest winds speed and lowest temperature. The best blow dryer has three setting for both the temperature and wind pressure.

Second step: Start blow drying

Targeting the lower sections of your hair, start blowing from the bottom upwards. Keep your blow drier in facing upwards and the handle downwards.

Third step: Vary the directions

Once the lower section of hair is completely dry, let the drier face downwards. Start from the top towards the lower sections. Repeat the process through the entire sections, until you feel the hair is dry.

For the usual drying, you can use setting 2 or 3 if you have no time. A combination of the lowest temperature and highest speeds results in more voluminous hair. Stay away from the highest heat settings as they tend to leave your hair extremely dry.

Gently comb the hair and clip it in the middle of your hair. Once again, section your hair into the front and back sections.

Fourth step: Repeat steps 1-3

Repeat the three steps mentioned, focusing on blowing the air in a downward direction first. Ensure the strands that were not dried in the initial process are now fully dry.

The medium heat setting should only be used with the wind power at its lowest. Focus the drier on a section of hair for a maximum of 35 seconds.

Fifth step: Smooth and style as desired

Use a paddle brush to gently comb the straightened hair. A serum or shine spray should finish off the look.

Grievous Mistakes to be Avoided during the Blowdrying Session


  1. Working with hair that is not sectioned

Simply sectioning your hair makes a very big difference. Start by detangling your hair then dividing it into manageable section. This helps with gaining access to every single strand and reduces the mess. Holding your hair with clips keeps it out of your way thus easing an otherwise daunting task.

  1. Using the wrong brush

Heavy metal brushes conduct heat. This can result in burning your scalp, burning your hair or having it extremely dried. A wide tooth comb is the most ideal as it significantly reduces the effort required to detangle hair. Having the correct brush and handling it as you should are two different things. The brush should be held horizontally against the vertically held drier. This gives the hair a naturally neat lift.

  1. Blow-drying very wet hair

Towel dried hair is the most ideal for blow drying. Extremely wet hair tends to overstretch, resulting in so much breakage and little time for the leave-in conditioners to get absorbed. Working on damp hair takes less time and is less tangled.

  1. Setting the heat too high

Always check on the temperature you are using to blow dry your hair as soon as you start. For the hairline and roots, use the lowest setting possible. The temperatures can then gradually increase as one heads towards the tips and ends. This helps in detangling of the hair, and leave a little bit of moisture in the hair. If however, you prefer to use the drier in its highest setting, remember to generously apply a heat protectant so that your strands are completely shielded.

  1. Holding the drier on one spot for too long

Constantly move the blow drier through your hair. Focusing the hot air on one spot for too long risks causing damage to your hair because it will get fried! Leave a reasonable distance between the drier and your hair so that it does not get brittle.

Using heat on your hair should be kept at its minimum. It actually should be the last resort for drying your hair, as there are better alternatives. Air drying tops the list.  Even though these tips are meant to help you blow dry your hair correctly, it should not be done on a daily basis. If you love your hair and wish to keep it in its healthiest form, heat should be your number one enemy. Remember to maintain your hair in its healthy and shiny state, for it speaks volumes about you!

About the Author

Candice Hall is the Marketing Manager of Dynasty Goddess Hair, with a factory in Thailand & Office and Shipping Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, they are one of the top retailers in Virgin Remy Hair Extensions in the USA.