What Accessories to Wear with Evening Gown

Fashion is all about how pretty you look finding a beautifully embellished gown for your after-hours style is not enough. It takes perfectly matched accessories such as designer belts, bags, jewelry and shawls to formalize your look. Finely coordinated metallic details such as bags and belts can give you the sparkling and classy appearance that can make heads turn. The ultimate way to attain a sensational look is to choose the right colors to suit your dress. A contrasting color combination is the biggest turnoff. Choosing colors modestly without looking flashy is the way to attain a gorgeous look.

Accessories can highlight your prominent features only when you choose them rightly; do not pile yourself up with accessories just because some designer in her self-glorifying article mentioned that accessories are the best way to look attractive; in fact, they are, but over exaggeration is the greatest of the distractions. So choose your accessories carefully. Below mentioned are few accessories you might want to include in your fashion styling pursuit.

What accessories to wear with evening gown


Jewelry can make you look stunning if carefully chosen and perfectly blended with your dress or gown. First of all; narrow down your jewelry selection on the basis of color and metal and pattern. For the solid color dresses, multi-colored pieces including the shade of your gown are the perfect fit. For the printed pattern dresses choose stones or diamonds; you can also try a short necklace to flaunt the low neckline. A thick bangle set with a sleeveless gown could just give you that gorgeous feeling.

Necklaces can embellish your neckline perfectly; however, earrings are the crowd pullers. The necklace and earrings should be perfectly balanced to create a synthesis. If you choose to wear a long necklace, then keep your earrings short and in case, you opt short necklaces, a statement chandelier earring should be the ideal choice.


Gown Belt

If you want to show off the curvaceous flattering hour-glass silhouette, then belts can accentuate your waistline. Make sure to put the belt on the thinnest and smallest part of your waist, it should be just above the belly button. Slim metallic belts go nicely with dark shade dresses. Experiment with silver and gold embellished belts to find a perfect combination that matches the metals of your jewelry. Belts will spoil your look if you have put on a long necklace; since they tend to overlap; it is advisable to avoid belts. In case of red dresses, a black belt can bestow you a bold look.

Mix & Match

Jewelry to Wear with the Evening Gown

Not necessarily your necklace, earrings and other accessories must match with the shades of your dress; choose a color pattern such as warm or cool and it should match the color tone of your gown, which means if you have chosen to wear a cool-colored dress, then keep your accessories in cool shades not necessarily with the same color but the tone should maintain the continuity of the color scheme.

There is no need to overdo the accessories; try minimizing the selection of accessories; keep it simple and minimalist. Try to wear specialized jewelry as a focal point that can complement the gown.

Hair Accessories


Hair accessories can be a great way to enhance your beauty; long and floppy earrings with up-dos and short hair can be showstoppers; however, if you have long hair, then a fabulous necklace or a sensational bracelet can make you look gorgeous.


Trendy Watch

Complete the elegance of your gorgeous gown for your next social event or black tie gala with a very beautiful and sleek watch. Wear the watch with the dial on the top of your wrist and be a trend setter. Buying a watch for the evening can be tricky but it is very important part of the dress to finish the look.

Bags and Shoes:

shoes with gown

Flats will make you look dull especially with an evening gown wearing heels looks more fashionable, wear neat heels rather than bulky, the slimness of the heel should match the sophistication of the gown; it should not look like an oddity standing out clueless of its mismatch. With dark colored dresses black heel should be a perfect choice; if you feel uncomfortable wearing heel, then go with the flats because fashion in its purest form means being comfortable. Without the sense of comfort, all your accessories will make no sense at all; after all, attitude is the greatest expression of glamour.

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Most Expensive Handbags

Choose a bag that matches the color tone and embellished pattern of the dress. Go with light clutch bag avoid going for shoulder strap bags because it will overlap the line of the gown.


Choose wraps to enhance your looks; you can try velvet and silk wrap that matches the color tone of your dress; you can also opt for fur to add the lavishness of the dress. Always go for shorter warps that can be wrapped over the shoulder. And be conscious of your wrap throughout the event.

Keep it simple:

The thumb rule is; less is more, especially with a strapless dress overdoing of accessories can ruin the whole idea of strapless; gowns are made to highlight the neckline and rib-bones and if you get piled up with accessories, then it loses its purpose.

Apparently, choosing the right gown still remains the prime factor; without a beautiful gown, everything will look dull and meaningless; therefore pick the perfect gown before you think about the accessories.

Fashion should be subtly beautiful not overtly exaggerated; always try to be minimalist, a flashy look can be glaring, however, most glazing things do not hold the attention, they might appear to attract the viewer quickly but they eventually suffocates the viewer by its brightness, on the other hand, a moderate and subtly elegant look can enhance the aura of your presence. The more you look calm and balanced the more you will attract attention. In fact, modesty is the ultimate show-off if you know how to get modest in the truest sense.

To come up with a superb fashion styling you need to do your homework properly; flip through fashion magazines, ask your friends, take the help of online forums and resources to find out new trends and styles in vogue. In fact, you are the best person to find out what looks good on you. Fashion should be a personal choice rather than an idea given by someone trying to manifest itself through you. Keep it simple and feel comfortable.

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