Benefits of IPL Hair Removal for Swimmers

Swimming is a non-impact form of exercise that involves practically every muscle in the body. Olympic swimmers possess competitiveness as well as great speed in the water. In order for the contestants to be able to give it their best shot in the competition. Swimmers need adequate preparation and sleek, smooth bodies that can move effortlessly through the water.

One of the ways to do this is removing body hair. This helps the swimmers increase their speed in the water and is also believed to give them a psychological boost.

IPL Hair Removal

The smallest hair can be the difference between a win or a loss, a mere nano-second improvement can make or break a race. Undoubtedly, hair removal and swimming go hand in hand, but what is the best way to achieve that smooth physique?

Most swimmers resort to traditional shaving before a race, but this routine can become tedious and have significant drawbacks. Some swimmers use laser IPL hair removal as an effective means of reducing their hair growth, making it unnecessary to shave, wax or tweeze. In fact, when it comes to swimming, IPL hair removal may be the best method for athletes, since it greatly cuts down on maintenance in the long run.Furthermore, laser hair removal causes virtually no damage to the dermis, so even the most sensitive skin can be treated.

How does IPL hair removal work?

IPL hair removal machine uses high intensity of light pulses that selectively destroy hair follicles by targeting the melanin in them. The follicle’s pigment absorbs the light pulse, damaging the follicle enough to significantly slow down hair regrowth. Since the IPL laser targets melanin, coarse, dark hair and light skin combinations tend to respond best to treatment. However, if you have darker skin and hair, you can still achieve desirable results with the another hair removal methods such as electrolysis or Nd: YAG lasers. These lasers have a longer wavelength and better pigment selectivity than other lasers used for hair removal, meaning that it can penetrate hair follicles more precisely, leaving the surrounding skin tissue undamaged.

The benefits of IPL hair removal

• Quick and Painless

IPL hair removal work

Shaving and waxing have always been convenient ways to get rid of unwanted hair, but swimmers no longer need to waste their valuable practice time with these temporary hair removal methods. IPL hair removal treatment is a quick and relatively painless procedure that uses advanced laser technology to penetrate into the hair follicles and zap them away effortlessly and effectively.

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• Cost-effective in the Long Run

IPL offers permanent hair reduction solutions, although the initial outlay is more expensive whether you get it professionally done or if you have your own at home IPL machine, the on-going maintenance per say is a lot cheaper. Think about, you don’t have to keep paying years and years for waxing appointments and is also beneficial as compared to tweezing, plucking and shaving. Also, getting it professionally done is better as you don’t have to go looking for IPLmachine for sale.

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• 90% Reduction in Hair Growth

The treatment requires at least six to eight sessions to achieve the desired results, and these appointments are usually spread out over a few weeks. After the procedure is complete, patients are left with a 90 percent reduction in hair growth, making skin smooth and soft for a longer period of time. Even though it doesn’t permanently stop hair growth for swimmers, IPL hair removal is a nice alternative to the daily hassles of shaving.

• No Stubble or Dark Shadow

Shaving usually leaves a dark shadow on the underarms giving a feeling that another shave is required. This dark shadow is the stubble which makes the swimmer uneasy. IPL hair reduction machines stunt the hair growth of the hair follicle making the hair thinner and less noticeable. Swimmers won’t get the dark shadow or stubble anymore. To this day, this is one huge benefit for considering IPL hair removal as no stubble appears making swimmers comfortable.

IPL hair removal is the preferred way for professional swimmers to remove hair because it’s safer and more permanent than other methods such as waxing, plucking, shaving, and electrolysis.  What’s more, laser hair removal is the only proven method available for easily and painlessly removing hair from large areas of the body. Its including the back, chest, legs and face exactly what professional swimmers need to win competitions.

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