The Best Styling Hacks To Wear Lingerie As A Outerwear

A lot of taboos get surrounded to the word ‘Lingerie’. But won’t the hotness meters just soar if you styled it as a street wear dress? You heard that right and yes, we are serious about it. You can actually wear your lingerie, as street fashion. And women around the world are boldly making a fashion statement out of it.

Linger is no longer just a supporting accessory for your closet. If you give it some freedom and wings to your imagination – you can surely make lingerie take the mains stage for your wardrobe. You might think how on earth something so reserved can become a fashion in real sense. The answer is styling tricks and fashion hacks.

All your need is lots of imagination and clever styling hacks to mix and match your Cosabella italian lingerie brands, pieces with your everyday clothes. Let’s a take a peep into some of the must-have lingerie pieces that are too hot to keep confined to just four walls. We’ll we also guide you as to how you can style these lingerie pieces and flaunt it as stunning everyday fashion.

• The Mesh Maxi Dress With Embroidery – A mesh maxi dress doesn’t just flashes your body – all at the right places, but is a great style statement in itself. If you are bold enough, you can easily pair it with high-waisted, full-coverage underwear. And if it is winters you can brilliantly pair it with a turtleneck dress and that extra style for colder months.

To Wear Lingerie As A Outerwear

• Loose Romper – Rompers are cool, they are chic and they are super stylish. You can wear them as standalone dresses and we bet you would look every bit sexy and downright diva. While the front has a deep low-cut front, the floral type rompers really make the outfit look girly and fresh.

• The sexy Kimono – Who says that kimono is just a kind of comfort dress. You can in fact wear a Kimono as office-wear and drop off that heavy cardigan. If you know how to style it then you’ll know that it is such an elegant dress and can be used as a luxe layer for anytime street-wear. An untied, mid-length silk kimono would look every bit chic and stylish. Accompany it with simple top, skinny jeans and heels and you will have nailed the look completely with long flowy hair – if you have them. Bonus tip – you can also slide into some black pants, wear the kimono over it and let your hair into bun. This look is not just sleek, it is way too beautiful because it will accentuate your face but also puts some light on your body figure.

• A black Lacy Bit – Black is one of the sexiest colours and top it with a lingerie ensemble and you’ll beat top models. You just need to wear it with right set of dress and you’ll kill the oomph meter. Wear it as a tank top with a pair of faded blue denim jeans for a date out. You can also keep your entire ensemble boxy and loose to bring out the beauty of silhouettes. You can also pair it with a rising pencil skirt to bring out ultimate va-va-voom factor.

• Lace Maxi Dress – The lacy maxi dress has those extra details and ultra elegance. You can wear it with high-waisted shorts and accessorize it with gorgeous set of high heels to make an exclusive style statement for your next holiday party.
Lace Short Sleeve Dress – If black isn’t your colour then you can add a splash a dab of colour with short lace dress that comes with all types of colours, prints and floral designs. It will surely make you stand out from the crowd with its sheer elegance. You just need to have a bit shimmer which can be provided with latest copper accessories. Top it with body hugging coat that will add some shine to the overall dress and make it look top-notch.

• Lace Open Back Romper – Cute and sweet is the best way to describe an open-back romper. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing it down the street then you can pair it with other accessories. You can wear it under a long textured black skirt with a boxy, velvet jacket and some cute pumps.

• Nasty Bit Bodysuit – You just can’t say no to this beauty. Most dresses in this form come in intricate lace details that make this ensemble look grand. Along with being Cosabella italian lingerie, it is surely a crowd-pleaser at any event and if you like to turn heads over.

How to Wear Lingerie as Streetwear

• Lace High Leg Bodysuit – It is a clear winner when it comes to style and fashion statement. It is a wrong notion that it can be worn just as lingerie within the confines of four walls. It appears to be sweet with its scalloped edges, but overall it is way sexy with variety that comes in its neckline designs. To give you some major wow factor you can pair it with a plan textured A-line skirt.

How to Wear: Lingerie as Outerwear

• Lace Bralettes – Now braletts are evergreen style inclusions that you must try. At first sight you might think them to be too tiny, but it there’s more to them than just hugging your body inside a top. It has as we can say in fashion language – a lot of bite. Pair it with a button-down for a clever layer trick and see those heads turning every time you pass them.

You will absolutely love bralettes under drop armhole tank tops. To give a teasing glimpse of your body figure you can also wear it without a bra – that’s a bold statement and for you to decide. You can also wear bralette with extra detail to style it up a bit. The best part is that bralettes come in various styles, designs and patterns. So you have a lot of choices to make from the edgy, sporty, and dainty – whatever you like.

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