Best Travel Place Where You Can Go For Honeymoon

Honeymoons come in all shapes and sizes – a beach vacation, a safari, mountain hopping, a ski trip and much more. And after months of madness of wedding, right from finding a venue to tying the knots, a honeymoon is a necessary and exotic gateway to get some peace of mind while spending some of the most romantic days of your life.

Whether you had an arranged affair or you were dating for four years before you finally tied the knot honeymoon gives every couple an equal chance to come closer. Unarguably, who won’t get romantic when you are surrounded by natures green canopy, with sand kissing your feet, while you stand hand in hand with your other half.

Thus to counter your honeymoon planning woes, today we are up with a handy list of the best honeymoon destinations from around the world you can consider booking a flight to.

KoSamui Thailand

If wedding bells are around the corner than what would be a better decision than booking a flight to KoSamui Thailand. Labeled as Thailand’s most popular honeymoon destination, KoSamui is a large island in the Gulf of Siam with a wide array of stunning beaches, dazzling sunshine, and luxurious resorts. One of the major attraction of KoSamui is the Ang Thong National Marine Park. An archipelago of 42 islands with stunning limestone formations, tropical rainforests, hidden coves and miles of beaches.

KoSamui Thailand


Romantic things to do:

  • For adventure freaks, the place gives you a chance to go snorkeling, scuba diving or kayaking.
  • You can head to – hand in hand – Nathon Town in KohSamuiwhere you will find great bargains on clothes, silk goods and shoes.
  • The Gulf of Thailand is an absolute paradise for diving fanatics, so hook up your swimsuit and go diving. You can also try kissing underwater maybe.
  • Sea facing restaurants serving Thai flavors is another way to spend some quality time.

Best time to visit – During the cool and dry season between November and early April.



Mauritius is unarguably the most romantic island to kick-start your married life. From ethereal white beaches, green countryside to a wide choice of cuisine there is so much you can be a part of when in Mauritius. Mauritius is still the world’s third largest coral reef. The strategic location of Mauritius Island is the reason for the creation of an ecosystem that is rich in biodiversity in the form of lagoons and islets. This nation welcome travelers from around the world and is a great spot to relax your tired muscles after a hectic wedding spell.

Romantic Things to Do:

  • Bath in Natural Pool surrounded by forests and gorges
  • Take a private cruise to watch an aesthetic Mauritius sunset
  • For couples seeking privacy and great pictures the Le Morne Mountain is the best place
  • Try Blue Safari Subscoote or underwater walks.

Best time to visit – The best time to visit Mauritius is from May to December when the weather is cool, dry and sunny.



Another tropical paradise, Bali is the perfect destination to get lost with your partner. Bali is popularly known for its lush green rice paddy fields, volcanoes, relaxing beaches, and dense jungles so you can hide away to spend some lone time together. Its natural beauty combined with its rich cultural offerings, curious traditions, and lively nightlife makes it more exciting and unforgettable.

Romantic Things to Do:

  • Enjoy sunset Kecak fire dances at the Uluwatu Temple
  • Visit PasarSeniUbud’ market to find beautiful silk scarves, lightweight shirts, handmade woven bags, baskets or hats; statues, kites, and many other hand-crafted goods
  • Trek up Mount Batur to see the sunrise, and have a romantic breakfast on top of an active volcano
  • Go Parasailing at TanjungBenoa Beach

Best time to visit – May, June and July are generally considered to be the best time to travel to Bali.



If your better half love romancing the beaches or would like to fall in love with the best of beaches, then a honeymoon trip to the Bahamas is all you need. With over 700 islands to explore, you can spend one day on a remote island and the next day in a metropolis in the Bahamas.

Escape to a private island on a boat excursion, book a table at a restaurant where you can watch the sunset over a delicious dinner, or simply spend your honeymoon loafing on fabulous beaches and wandering hand-in-hand through the sand. No matter what you do, everything feels adventurous in the Bahamas.

Things you can do

  • Go for an exciting horseback ride and see the Bahamian beaches from a new perspective
  • Barefoot walk in the ocean water can be romantic
  • Take a stroll through the revamped West Hill Street where you will feel like you are stepping back to another time getting lost along the cobblestone streets.

Best time to visit – The best time to go is during the high season, which runs from November to mid-April.

 Go Greece

Go Greece

Greece’s rich history, exceptional food, and mesmerizing beauty make it an ideal place to set off on honeymoon. Greek cuisine is all about the fresh catch, so take some time to explore the flavors across town. In case you want to get away from the crowds, consider visiting some lesser-known islands, such as Cythera and Kastelorizo.

Romantic Things to Do:

  • A relaxing spa session at Cape Sounio Elixir spa. My colleague at thanksforthehelp recommended me this place and I am glad he did.
  • Photoshoot with your spouse in Santorini
  • Or a yacht cruise on the Mediterranean to spend some quality time with your partner while watching the stunning sunset.

Best months to visit – June and September



Switzerland, the picture perfect honeymoon spot is home to many beautiful towns that make it a memorable honeymoon destination. The jaw-dropping beauty and aesthetic picturesque of Switzerland attracts a plethora of newlyweds every year.  With the beautiful lakes and the awe-inspiring mountain views, the small country is packed with romantic getaways.


Romantic things you can do:

  • Ride in the world’s slowest luxury express train, Glacier Expresswhich passes through world heritage listed landscapes.
  • Hike through some of the country’s most iconic scenery along The Eiger Trail

Best time to visit – June and September to mid-October.

So where are you heading to for your honeymoon? Let us know in the comment section below.


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