Bridal Trends 2017: New Wedding Dresses to Amaze You

Is your little sister getting hitched in the month of December (just before Christmas)? And, being an elder sister, I’m sure you are bogged down with too many responsibilities. Right from choosing a beautiful venue to finding caterers, florist and entertainers, you are doing everything on your own. But, have you helped your sister pick a “dream-like gown”? Not as yet? Well then, I would say you must take out some time from the hectic wedding schedule and help your sissy pick the best bridal gown.

What? Don’t have any idea about the latest bridal gown trends? Worry not; you can always purchase a couple of magazines that are “bride-centric” and go through them. I’m sure you’ll come across some of the other articles on the ‘Latest bridal fashion 2017’. And, in case you don’t have time to buy magazines and flip through it, then you have clicked on the right blog because here, I’m going to share some wedding dresses trends of 2017. Take a look.

Say “Hi!” to Full-Sleeve Gowns

Long gone are those days when strapless and spaghetti sleeve bridal gowns were a rage in the fashion industry. Now, according to most of the eminent designers, full-sleeve wedding dresses have overpowered every other kind of bridal outfit. Hence, you can suggest your sister purchase a full-sleeve bridal gown.

full Sleeve Gowns

However, in case she is not really happy with your suggestion, show her the picture of Kate Middleton’s (the Duchess of Cambridge) wedding gown. She too had donned a full-sleeved bridal gown which looked absolutely royal and sophisticated. After seeing Kate Middleton’s picture, I’m sure she would change her mind.

  • Few more suggestions: Once she is ready to purchase full-sleeve wedding gown, tell her to pick the ones that have sleeves either made of lace, tulle or any other light-weighted transparent material with tiny, crystal-like detailing on it. Or, if she wants to add more drama to her bridal gown, you can ask her to choose the ones having bishop or bell sleeves.

Corset Gowns Are Back with a Bang!


Is your sister aspiring to look like her favorite fairy tale character, Cinderella on her wedding?  If yes, then there’s good news; corset gowns are back! Thanks to some of the most renowned designers who have bought this trend back. And believe it or not, this year, corset gowns have been sold more than any other style of bridal dresses.

Do you know what the best part of these latest corset gowns is? They are not painful anymore and made of very soft material so that the bride feels comfortable throughout the wedding ceremony. Hence, you can definitely ask your sis to check out a few corset wedding dresses. If you don’t find them in any designing house, you’ll surely find them online.

High-Low Bridal Gowns are Stealing the Show



Another type of bridal gown that has managed to win many brides’ hearts is the one having high-low hemline. Yes, you read that right! High-Low bridal dresses are trending these days and yes, numerous brides are going gaga over this trend. So, if your sister wants to wear a bridal outfit that is chic yet sober, suggest her to look for the high-low dresses or gowns. I’m sure she’ll love it!

  • Additional tip: If she finally decides to pick a high-low bridal gown, ask her to wear a stunning pair of heels that’ll compliment her attire (after all, her feet will be visible). And, in case she is not really a “heel person” ask her to wear shoes with kitten heels, and she can top it up with a lacy leg accessory, such as an anklet. In fact, you can also slip in a garter and slightly flaunt it (of course, only if you have the garter tradition).

So, this was all about the 2017 bridal gown trends. To know more, you can keep following my blogs!

Author bio- Jane Wang is a fashion blogger who has written several blogs on wedding dresses, bridesmaid attires, etc. If you want to stay updated with the latest trends, keep reading her blogs.