Common weight loss obstacles that promote weight gain

Have you recently been successful in shedding those extra pounds? Congratulations! You have really worked hard to accomplish your fitness goals. Are you able to maintain the weight loss? It has been found through different studies that many people struggle to keep up with the lost weight due to different reasons. As per the estimates, people who are able to lose around 10 to 15% of their BMI are able to maintain weight, while those who are able to lose less than 10% of their BMI find it difficult to maintain weight.

You shouldn’t let your months of hard work go vain simply by becoming less active or skipping workouts. There are common downsides of weight loss that can result in weight gain.  Through this post, we shall be discussing some of the common mistakes people commit once they accomplish weight loss.

Missing workout sessions

Whether you used to wake up early in the morning to attend your aerobic classes, tried to take out time to run during your lunch break, or hired personal trainer with certification in nutritionist course in Delhi to help you with eating right food and keep you motivated to work hard.

Once many people who successfully lost their weight, they tend to think you should take a break from rigorous and exhaustive workout sessions, but missing your workout sessions in row for long is definitely a very good idea. Did you know the fact that when you take around 2 weeks break from your workout routine you will notice a significant reduction in your cardiovascular fitness and muscle mass? So, always stay active to maintain healthy weight throughout your lifetime.


Repetition of same workout regimen

When you keep repeating the same type of exercise every day, there are chances you will stop seeing results after some time. Hence, you need to keep changing your exercises in your workout session simply by grapping heavy weights while doing weight training and do more of high-intensity workout instead of doing simple cardio workout.

Fad diets

fad diets

Many people say that they can reduce the weight simply taking up fad diets. However, the methods that promise you to reduce weight within a couple of days or weeks probably aren’t the best. You will initially be able to lose weight but it won’t work in the long run. Instead you must consult a personal trainer with certification in nutritionist course in Delhi to help you understand the balanced diet you need to take while continuing your workout regimen.

Lack of sleep

lack of sleep

If you are not sleeping for at least 7-8 hours every day, then there are high changes that you will be find it pretty challenging to keep up the lost weight. As per the research, it has been found that people who tend to sleep less than 6 hours in a day during the night time they tend to eat more during throughout the day time. To maintain weight loss, sleep at least for 7 to 9 hours per night.