Create Memories with These Unique Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas

Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas

The road to the wedding itself has started. A path filled with every possible expression of elation, joy, and myriad forms of ecstasy. Then it is no wonder that so many new emergent couples are investing a lot of time and money into pre-wedding shoots, making arrangements with their family for wedding banquet halls and ensuring that all these moments are captured indelibly by a camera lens so that the memories of those days can be preserved and admired for an entire lifetime.

Pre-wedding photos benefit the couple immensely and should happen around 3-4 months before the wedding, basically just the correct time to book your wedding halls as well. During such shoots, couples happily reminisce their initial chemistry and relive that spark. Such shoots are romantic times for the couple. In short, it’s a great way to create everlasting memories.

Best Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas

Those Happy Relaxed Evening Rides

Those Happy Relaxed Evening Rides
Pick up some exotic destination to even a location of some significant emotional significance for this. The couple in question, can dress as they like and feel while they take drive a horse cart or a bullock cart. To look their stunning best they can be in the snazziest evening attire they have or be as casual as summer clothes, floppy hats and flip-flops. Additional props can make the pictures livelier than they could have been otherwise.

Put Some Wheels into The Frame
Try adding a fun ride to add more than a dash of character. Did you first meet when you were offered a ride on a bike? Did you have your first kiss in the back of an auto? Did you propose to her in the middle of the metro? To bring out the intimate joy of the children in us all, add something vintage, like an old scooter or a bicycle. After all, marriage is a journey; now put some wheels on it.

Caption it like Bollywood
Employ some words and captions to be even more quirky and have more fun. They can be chosen to reflect your mood and the message. Add a tone of enjoyment by incorporating a few of these funny little asides. The captions can be printed on custom designed cue cards or on anything else like “I found my Raj” or “I found my Simran”. Whether choosing to go with something printed or something that is handwritten, if you choose to use paper or a blackboard, you are guaranteed to have a good time.

Share some Food Love


Share your love for all things yum if falling in love with each other meant falling in love with food together. Go for the small streets, or that cafe where you had your first date and ditch the scenic settings! It will be much more real because the excited look on seeing food never has to be faked and will also make things look different!

Make it Boozy!

Why not ditch those clichéd umbrellas or the typical car shots, and look for something sinfully good – like alcohol! Just surround yourself with your favorite drinks or pick a vineyard or a fancy store. This is definitely a more glamorous and a more trendy touch to your photo shoot.

Include your Friends

Make your pre-wedding photo shoot a lot more fun by including your friends in it. These buddies who will sneak in liquid courage for you away from the eyes of snoopy relatives are also the idiots who will be cracking inappropriate jokes as you do the saat pheras! You know even Photoshop cannot add a brighter smile when you crack a genuine smile over private jokes!

Desert Shoot

Go old school, vintage and au natural with this gorgeous pre wedding shoot shot by the sun. The photos get even more gorgeous as the sun sets on the desert sand.

Underwater Fun

When it comes to pre-wedding shoot ideas for Indian couples, here we bring you something a bit ‘hatke’ (out of the box) and very very ‘in’. Besides leaving others in awe when they see those pictures on social media and elsewhere, an underwater pre-wedding shoot would also be a fabulous experience for the couple.

Monumental Love

An old Indian fort or monument is the perfect backdrop for an Indian pre-wedding photo shoot. The backdrop of such an edifice combined with candid romantic moments captured on camera; is truly a symbol of the love of monumental proportions. Make it larger than life with this perfect example; after all, it’s your love story.

Go Vintage

Vintage montages and their appeal extend to pre-wedding photo shoots in more ways than one. Executing a vintage theme photo shoot for your pre-wedding album is one effective way to capture snapshots that will not lose their appeal ten or even twenty years down the line. Additionally the “old is gold” charm is undeniably appealing.

A couple that is fun and quirky will find an idea or inspiration here and so will couples that are looking for class, sophistication and timeless appeal. For Indian couples, it is also easy to see how these pre-wedding shoot ideas are best suited with plenty of room for beautiful Indian locations and landscape. These ideas are also easy to execute and do not burn a hole in your pocket.

As you embark on a new journey starting from a pre wedding shoot and ending at your function hall, remember all you have to do is collect a bundle of beautiful memories!