Dear Girl With No Curves, Here’s Your Guide To Perfect Styling

How often have you experimented with your clothes and ended up because nothing seems to work? How often have you shuffled the entire store in search of that one perfect fit?

Well, being a girl with no curves might seem challenging but dressing up right isn’t that herculean at all. Know that right clothing would not only make you stand out but also heighten your confidence. Therefore, it’s time to ease your baffled mind and pull off your skinny mould with these 7 styling tips for skinny women. Take the guide:

Choose The Not-Too-Skinny Jeans


Skinny Jeans would accentuate the thinness of your legs. Go for ‘Skinny Boot’ fit. Besides, low waist jeans would work best and save your legs from looking lanky.

The bonus tip: Jeans of lighter shade would always be in your favor!

Do Some Ruffling & Layering

Layered and ruffled dresses

Layered and ruffled dresses (and tops) are a boon for you. They do the right trick in making you look fuller and more curvy. Playing with colors and prints to add the required volume lies totally in your hands.

Baggy Style Done Right

Baggy style

Baggy style never goes out of fashion. They are here to your rescue when your curves fail to flatter you. Against all beliefs that baggy clothes look like borrowed ones, they actually help in disguising the no-curve figure if done the cool way.

Perfect Lingerie To Grace You

Perfect Lingerie

Nothing can cosset your curves or no curves better than a “Good” lingerie. Perfect inmates for your body can give you some desired curves and highlight your features in any type of clothing. If it’s a bikini wear, style up with underwired or padded triangle cups and halter necks.

Make Belts Your New BFF

Belts style dress

Correct accessories and they are all set to help you flaunt your figure. Whether it’s thick or skinny belts, pair them up with your floaty dresses and tops to accentuate your tiny waist. Avoid heavy neckpieces as they would move the attention to the flat chest.

Blacks Shouldn’t Be Your Very Favourite

Too many blacks in one go would give you a thinner appearance. Therefore, wear colors and florals rather than clingy clothes as they would make your shoulders look thinner.

The Role Of Footwear


In order to draw the attention away from the bony knees, wear lightweight shoes and boots are perfect for a balanced look. Dark colored heels and lower boots should be your go-to thing for balancing your look.

Therefore, it’s time you head out in style and flaunt a truly flattering figure with these amazing styling tips.