How to Design Each Element of a Great Makeup Packaging?

Packaging is an important part of completing a marketing strategy for a certain brand and product. Makeup is all about looking good and look better than what you are. It must be attractive, fancy, catchy and something that women simply can’t resist buying. Makeup packaging plays a vital role in selling the makeup and making it a start within a day, marketing can only bring the buyer to the product, whether he buys it or not it entirely depends on how well is the product packaging designed and if attracts the buyer enough to convince him to toss it in the cart.
How to Get to the Right Design according to the Makeup Type?

Custom makeup packaging


In the elements that are important in design, the structure of the makeup boxes is the most important of all. The structure is more for the safety of the product and less about the overall design. A good structure will keep the product in good shape through various challenges such as in storage, warehouse, shipping, display, and logistics while it is being shipped to the buyer in case they ordered it online and wanted it to be delivered. The structure of the box should be enough sturdy to help the packaging retain its shape as well as to take the product safely to the buyer.


Size does matter! The size of the box should never be too big or too small for the box when the size is not right it makes the product vulnerable in many ways, it can easily get ruined inside the box due to heat, or it can easily break due to pressure if the size it too small. Bigger sizes let a lot of air in the box which is not ideal for the makeup of any type. Sizes may vary according to product type, so you must deal with the sizing challenge carefully and make your product as safe as you can!


The volume of your product can be a challenge if not decided carefully, since it is the age of e-commerce you need to careful of the requirements of the packaging and their needs in shipping, even more than how they appear.


The variation here represents that a product may be packaged differently based on different makeup shades, very few products in makeup have no shades and colors, most do. So, keeping shades of different packaging matching with the product’s shade inside will be very impressive for the buyer, he will find it attractive, and it will also be visibly attractive in display and easier to organize later. Custom makeup packaging may not be taken lightly, in the age of internet and where a bad word spreads like fire, you don’t want to upset a blogger and defame your product just because you didn’t pay enough attention to the size of the packaging. Similarly, when the product packaging is on fleek, only a packaging can take your product to new heights and make it popular overnight!


Custom makeup packaging

The weight of the product if less is not an issue, but if it has a lot of weight then you need to cut down on the weight of the packaging. Lightweight packaging can, however, be sturdy and you can come up with a good quality packaging made of Kraft or Corrugated material with plenty of inserts in it to secure the product. Because in most cases weight will be a problem and no one likes paying hefty shipping charges, the weight of the product ‘after packaging’ matters a lot!


The more times you brand the product; the more value you add to it. If the product only carries the product name and that’s all, it will not be considered much. But when the packaging is branded, inserts are branded, and the packaging has brand logos all around it, you add a couple of buck’s worth to the product just by adding branding.


Attraction towards the product dominates the packaging game in the world of makeup. Be sure to make your display and packaging boxes THAT attractive that a person who walks in the store to buy MAC is blinded by your packaging and she takes home your brand instead of what she came in for!