Fashion in Focus: Ways to Dress Better in 2018

Fashion in Focus: Ways to Dress Better in 2018

“Style is primarily a matter of instinct.” –Bill Blass

Style: because your personality is not the first thing people see.

As the New Year is just starting, it would be wise to make a few resolutions that are geared towards bettering your style. This 2018, endeavor to edit and organize your wardrobes and adequately pair current trends with classic favorites. Let 2018 be the year you look better whether this entails you finding a tailor, purchasing an excellent pair of shoes, getting rid of last season’s urban streetwear styles, investing in a proper coat or finally getting that hair cut you have been pushing back for months now.

Step up your style and fashion game and reach your style potential by committing to stick to your stylish new resolutions. In this year, endeavor to go as stylish as you can and be all about the vogue. Here are some failsafe tips you can consider incorporating into your daily habits to ensure you dress better this 2018:

Get to know the next set of collabs

There is no doubt that 2017 was the year for high-end fashion. It was the year that showed definitive powerful collaborations that went stratospheric and one of these was the much talked-about and popularized collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme. Indeed, 2017 was a great year for style and it would not be any different this year. As the groundwork is finally laid and interests are sufficient piqued, you can expect to see some next generation collaborations soon. With this in mind, build your hype up by researching what these potential collaborations might be and get your hands on them before they start selling out.

Wear your work clothes on the weekend

While this might seem like an unorthodox fashion approach, style pundits actually think this works. After all, fashion has been all about utilitarian convergence between sportswear and casual denim and this year is definitely about making a big disregard over genres. In this regard, do not be afraid to intermingle your work and casual clothes. It might seem like something you are not used to at first but untucked oversize dress shirts worn over high-end track pants or jeans would look incredibly dapper. Alternatively, you can also tuck your shirts into suit trousers and wear heavy wool overcoats paired with trainers and sweats. This ensemble gives you the appearance of being indifferent about your clothes but artfully so.

Buy a pair of risk-taking sneakers

Break out of the ordinary and make a statement by purchasing a pair of unconventional kicks. Although you might never have envisioned yourself wearing a pair of “ugly trainers”, it seems to be all the rage right now. In fact, it was the trend you never saw coming until almost every major sneaker brand was coming with it. This presents quite a paradox in style as something deemed ugly by fashion experts are considered trendy by the same deciding faction. However, know that whether you like or hate it, there is quite a few takeaways you can get from this. One is that it is never too late to start making bold risks and statements in fashion and secondly, not everything ugly would immediately be dismissed as tacky.

Get into cord

Not only is this stylish and warm, but it looks great in every rendition it has—from earthu hues to navy blue. The only way it gets better is if you wore it more. Cord might be a trend and may seemingly be in its inception stages but it looks like it is here to stay. They are emerging as material in almost everything from trousers to jackets and blazers in the fall season. Embrace the cord trend as it looks like it might be a trend for quite a long time.

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