Fashion Statement of Today’s Working Women

Fashion Statement of Today's Working Women

Gone are the days of formals, the monotonous style and no fashion trend in the official attire for working women’s. With the boom in the fashion industry and advancement everywhere there  is a number of ways to gear your style.

Slot in the new arrivals and be stylish even when you are in the meeting with your boss. Here we are showing the latest trends, just have a look and enjoy the fashion at work place.

Floral Prints

floral blazer jacket, floral pencil skirt, floral shell top

Prints  itself explores the opportunity for vibrant shades from light texture to a dark one. Floral prints are the newest way to add on to your modern yet cool look. With a light jewelry and a clutch, you could rock. Try every shade from a light one to a dark and show unique look every time. Change the accessories and add a style. Try these ones, floral blazer jacket, floral pencil skirt, floral shell top.

Crepe Relaxed Ankle Pants

Crepe Relaxed Ankle Pants

These pants come in different colors and look stylish in a modern look. A high heel with manageable heights and low weight purse on shoulders, a cool wrist watch gives a complete business women look. This is comfortable and even no jewelry is needed.

Waterfall Midi Cover-UP

Waterfall midi cover-up is itself a style code. This lightweight layering in varying shades in open hair gives a modern and trendy look. A perfect outfit for the office time and even you could go anywhere directly from office without any dressing change.

Capes and long jackets

Capes and long jacket

Capes and long jackets is very trendy and stylish for office wok women. Important meetings are to be dealt with looking powerful and the look should command attention. A smart cape is a fashion essential.

Embroidered Jeans

Jeans is the full of colors and shades, now give a new tone with the embroidered one. A new way to style the beauty in office time. Fresh and trendy glaze in a simple belly and timeless black tote. Yes,  this is the time to show something different and unique. Today’s women have no boundaries to adore between 9 to 6.

Plaid Pencil Skirt for Working Women

Plaid Pencil Skirt

The most appealing and stylish one of today’s work outfits. This would make your weekend with a cool makeup and accessory. A refreshing and elegant look after a long break in the weekdays. Short and trendy with a comfort passion. Be bold and confident while meetings.

Timeless Black and White


Black and white are again traditional yet office wear. This timeless color is your all purpose investment. No need to change if you are going to specials and have no time to dress up. Just add some accessory and makeup and make your day.