Fashion Trend of Wearing Lingerie as Outerwear


For decades, women invested in sexy lingerie that was only seen within the confines of their own homes. Gorgeous matching bra and panty sets, corsets, bustiers and slips were hidden beneath clothing and never fully appreciated. Thankfully, times have changed!

Lately we have been seeing a new trend: Lingerie worn as outerwear. We can’t get enough of this look and are thrilled to see undergarments being worn in a way that shows off their beauty. But this isn’t a trend reserved for the runway or off-duty models. Lingerie worn as outerwear is accessible to all styles and body types.

If you have seen this look on someone else but thought you could never pull it off, think again. We’ve compiled many ways to show off your lingerie regardless of your personal style. Whether you dress sporty, sexy, girly, edgy, or with a vintage flair, it’s time to start layering and showing off your favorite pieces!


If you have a sporty style, you are likely more interested in elastic waistbands and support than underwire and lace. Fortunately for you, this is one of the easiest aesthetics in which to show off your favorite undergarments. Because sports bras tend to be full coverage, they can often be worn as a crop top.

Sports bras tend to require less layering to pass for everyday clothing, but if you’re looking for a little more coverage, you have many options. Throw over a sheer, mesh tee to really run with the sporty theme or try an open blazer for an unexpected pairing.

On the bottom, a pair of joggers will complete the sporty look or try mixing and matching styles with an a-line skirt, boyfriend jeans, or overalls.



If you’re looking for a sexy look for a Saturday night spent downtown, this is the perfect opportunity to swap out traditional street clothes for a piece of lingerie.

You know that bustier that’s been hiding in the back of your underwear drawer? This is just the piece you need to complete your sexy night-out look. Pair your bustier with a high waisted pencil skirt and stilettos if you’re going to a club or upscale cocktail bar. For a more low-key environment, try wide-leg trousers or relaxed jeans.

You’ve likely noticed that bodysuits are for sale everywhere but have been wondering when and how to wear them. While bodysuits are very versatile and can also be worn during the day, they are perfect for night when paired with any type of skirt: denim, a-line, pencil.


If you have a feminine aesthetic, chances are you have a whole dresser full of pretty lingerie that you’ve been dying to show off (personally I have a ton of pieces from Yandy). Good news! Even more conservative styles can still wear the lingerie as outerwear trend.

For a woman who is looking to wear lingerie as outerwear in a way that is more discrete, choose pieces that are neutral colored with special details. A pale pink bra can offer the perfect peek of lace when worn under a t-shirt with a deep neckline or a tank with low arm holes.

To really play up your girly side, select a floral skirt or pant that matches your favorite lacey bra. Over top, try a sheer, silk blouse and tie it at the waist. Button just a few buttons or leave the blouse open. Finish the look with delicate jewelry and simple shoes.


Embrace your rock n roll side by layering your favorite lingerie over your regular street clothes. This look can be a little  more difficult to achieve but when it’s done right, it’s a head turner.


For best results, try this out with your favorite corset layered over any white top with a high neckline. We recommend a fitted tee, turtleneck, or blouse. For day, pair it with relaxed jeans and understated pumps with a block heel. For night, try high waisted skinny jeans and stilettos or a knee-length pencil skirt.

If you’re looking to take this to the next level, layer your corset over a dress. When paired with a simple t-shirt dress and booties, this can be a great daytime look. For night, amp up your look with thigh-high boots and statement earrings.


The style of the 90s is back which means layering is trendy again. Because of this, vintage lingerie that once seemed impractical is now it is flying off the racks. But this trend can be achieved with modern lingerie as well.

This look is easy, comfortable, and attainable to all women. Simply layer a vintage or new slip dress over a fitted tee. Yes, that’s it!

For a casual look, pair with your favorite sneakers and then swap out for heeled booties at night. Dress it up with statement jewelry or keep it low key with a crossbody bag. If you’re looking to really revive the 90s, don’t forget your choker, dark lipstick, and one-shoulder backpack.