Slay this Rainy Season with These Five Fashion Tips

Five best fashion trends to rock this monsoon

Top 5 fashion trends to beat the Monsoon in style

If you think that Monsoon is the time to give all your fashion trends a rest, then think twice. No doubt, this rainy season brings cheerfulness along with a relief from hot weather, but it is the trickiest in the terms of choosing the right fashion for you. To deal with the rain God’s mood swings and display your unique fashion under the umbrella, all you need to do is just take the funky stuff out from your wardrobe. Yes, we are talking about fresh prints, short numbers, pop fabrics and rich hues to give this rainy season a fashionable twist. Moreover, if you have not purchased the right fashion picks for this season, check out our few fashion staples that must be there in your wardrobe.

  1. A Comfy Pair of Jeans

High humidity and sweat are the synonyms for Monsoon. You just cannot predict when the clouds will start showering. Therefore, it is better to wear a comfortable pair of denims instead of those body-hugging or skinny jeans that will tend to stick on you. The situation can be worse when it rains and you totally get drenched.

Another point to keep in mind is simply forget your light blue faded denim for a while, and carry any dark coloured denim from which you can easily get off those dirty water stains without a hassle.

  1. Cool and Funky T-shirts

No matter how much you adore your favorite white shirt or t-shirt, stack it back for some other time. Instead of that, wear a thin and comfortable tee in vibrant colors. Apart from making you look stylish, a thin tee is easy to wash and dry. Like the denims, your t-shirt should also be a little bit loose. Carrying a cool coloured raincoat with you is also a great idea to beat the rain in style.

  1. Kick-off the Water with a Right Pair of Shoes

When you hear the sound of rain, the first thing that comes up in your mind is your shoes or sandals will get dirty once you step out. Thankfully, with this right fashion trick you can save your favorite sandals from getting dirty. Simply prefer flip-flops, sneakers or any other footwear that can be easily washable.

  1. A Classic Waterproof Watch

If you are fond of watches, then sport a stylish waterproof watch on your wrist. That is because it is worthless to wear your favorite expensive brand’s watch that stops as the raindrops pour on it. The good part is you can also use them during swimming or your next beach vacation.

  1. Change your hairstyle

You must have also observed that the moisture makes your hair turn frizzy, dry and dull (unless you take those expensive hair spa sessions every week). For those with dry hair, the monsoon can be dreadful. So, don’t forget to massage your scalp with a good oil, probably olive oil to make them healthy and look beautiful. In addition, give rest to the loose hair for a while and try a beautiful fishtail braid or a high ponytail to look gorgeous.

While choosing any of the aforementioned styles, make sure you feel comfortable in carrying that. Also, remember to keep a designer umbrella with you. Another important thing is to remember is avoid choosing linen as well as other crushable fabrics like polyester and cotton. That is because they get messy when in moist or rainy weather. Also, abstain from using leather shoes and bags, as they cannot deal with the rain. So what are you waiting for? Choose your Monsoon fashion and make rain your main!

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Sarika Kataria is a fashion blogger. She loves to write on the latest fashion trends to let you make the style statements. You can also check her blogs for your favorite celeb’s style updates.