Latest Geometric Eyewear Trends to Suit Your Features

Anyone who keeps up with fashion knows how important sunglasses have become. And in the world of sunglasses, geometric styles are incredibly on trend. The focus on geometric shapes in the eye wear world has been building since as far back as 2013, but now the movement is in full swing and most of the biggest designers have contributed their own aesthetic to the geometric eye wear scene. But don’t rush out to buy the first circle or square sunglasses you can find; different people’s faces suit different geometric shapes. This guide will look at each geometric shape individually, recommending which face shapes can pull off each style.

Round Sunglasses

round glasseseye wear

Ray-Ban Gatsby sunglasses – image credit RHS

Over the last two or three years, round sunglasses have become incredibly popular. This look used to have a retro feel to it, with the image of John Lennon’s iconic round sunglasses on everyone’s minds.

However, more and more eye wear designers started experimenting with round shapes, innovating them in different ways, modernising the look. Ray-Ban’s Gatsby style (above) combines round rims with a double bridge. MIU MIU, on the other hand, uses sharp metal accents, off-centre circles, and overlaid heart shapes to disturb this classic geometric shape.

Round shape eyewear

MIU MIU heart lens round sunglasses from RHS’s MIU MIUsunglasses range

Round sunglasses don’t suit everyone, however. If you have round features, or a short face, round sunglasses can accentuate these features making your face seem even shorter and rounder. Round sunglassessuit people with longer, angular faces because they soften these features, balancing them a little.

Square Sunglasses

square sunglasses

CAZAL Legends sunglasses – image credit RHS
At its most subtle, the square sunglasses style doesn’t feel part of the more overt geometric movement we’re seeing in the fashion world at the minute.

This is because a square style with softened edges looks a lot like a standard rectangle sunglasses shape. However, when sunglasses designers make square angles more severe or if they make the look oversized, we can see a sense of modern innovation and aesthetics at play.

It may be a good idea to avoid wearing square sunglasses if you have a square or angular face. This is the same principle as with round sunglasses.; the angles on square sunglasses can accentuate angular features and make shorter faces feel smaller and smushed together.

However, if you’re going for the oversized angled look, then this might be exactly what you want — just beware that square sunglasses and square faces usually aren’t a natural fit.

Hexagonal Sunglasses


Marc Jacobs geometric sunglasses – image credit RHS

Hexagonal shapes are perhaps the best example of how the geometric sunglasses movement is playing with bold, recognisable shapes. We can group octagon, decagons, etc. into this category too, because they’re all doing similar things. The sharp angles grab people’s attention in a way that no other shape can, and as sunglasses fashion is becoming more ostentatious, it makes sense that many of the biggest designers would play with various multi-angled shapes.

Hexagons have a neat, compact aesthetic that isn’t quite as big and bold as octagons and decagons. Hexagons seem to suit any face shape, but only if the sunglasses are the right size for your face. If you have a big face, opt for larger hexagon sunglasses so that your face seems smaller in context.

If you have a masculine aesthetic and have a smaller face, smaller hexagonal sunglasses may be the right call. However, if you have a feminine look and a smaller face, oversized hexagon sunglasses can look amazing as the large size actually enhances your feminine features.

Octagons and decagons have so many angles that they can sometimes almost seem like round sunglasses, so they tap into round sunglasses’ vintage aesthetic. The rules for wearing octagonal and decagonal sunglasses is similar to round sunglasses, but the smaller angles mean than people with round faces may be able to get away with it.

Miscellaneous Geometry

Lastly, let’s look at some of the stranger, more experimental geometric shapes that have found their way to the runways recently. Some designers are taking the hard angles form hexagons, and the overt circles from round sunglasses and playing about with them in interesting ways.

These Chloe sunglasses, for example, take the hard angles of hexagons on the heavy brow and they smooth these angles out on the rims, contrasting the two extremes beautifully. This is playful, striking, and it rests somewhere between modern and retro aesthetics.

Fendi geometric sunglasses – image credit RHS

These Fendi sunglasses use a pentagon shape to achieve a top-heavy design a little like the reverse teardrop of the classic Aviator style. So, a similar effect is created, without it feeling derivative at all.

Keep your eyes open for playful geometric styles like this; Fendi is particularly accomplished with geometric shapes, but so are many of the other Italian designers — their tendency towards opulence lends itself particularly well to the current geometric scene.
Miscellaneous geometry is a kind of catchall term for all of the interesting geometric ideas designers are bringing to the table. This also includes geometric shapes such as triangles, squares, circles, etc. that accent the sunglasses. Take this example below:

Cat-eye sunglasses

Fendi Rainbow cat-eye sunglasses – image credit RHS

These stunning Fendi sunglasses tap into the current geometric trend with the little triangle features on the outside of each rim. The sharp angles from the triangles complement the smooth cat-eye rims perfectly.

It’s hard to recommend specific face shapes in this section because it encompasses all kinds of shapes and sizes. Use your best judgement and remember to try to balance your features by using opposite shapes and angles with your sunglasses.

I hope this guide has been helpful. The geometric sunglasses movement isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, the movement has been gaining momentum over the last few years. Keep your eyes peeled for new geometric designs and put a little thought into finding the right style and shape for your face.