Girls Kids Wear – 10 Trendy Dresses For 2019

Kids nowadays might not know how to dress themselves in the most attractive manner. However, they surely know how to pull off a trendy look with no assistance. The best part about dressing your kids beautifully in trendy clothes is that it infuses confidence in their nature. A well-groomed and a well-dressed kid will naturally build up self-esteem and confidence from a young age. This confidence will take your kid places when he/she grows up.

The new trends of the fashion industry suggest a minimalistic approach towards styling. Now, you don’t buy a huge pile of clothes online to fill the cupboard of your little girl up with hundreds of different dresses. Instead, you can choose a handful of high-quality designer dresses that will look and feel aesthetically appealing on special occasions. Moreover, these high-quality clothes will easily last for a couple of years till your little girl outgrows it.

If you are planning on going for a shopping spree this year, here are 10 trends in kids clothing that are completely redefining the fashion industry.

  1. Kaftan Dresses

Kaftan Dresses

 The kaftan dress is a subtle mix of an ethnic dress and comfort-clothing. It is extremely popular with kids and parents equally because of its loose and trendy feel. The soft flowy material of the dress rests easily on the skin of kids.

The trendy colours of the dress are indeed evergreen and look great in both chilly as well as sunny environments. The Kaftan dress produces a subtle and not too glittery shine. It looks great with a subtle black belt and boots. Your kid can wear these dresses over blue/black jeans or shorts in chilly environments.

  1. Colourful Floor Length Dresses

A colourful and vibrant shoulder-tie floor length dress will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable dresses of your kid’s fashion collection. The unique feature of this dress is that it is subtly elegant. The simple and minimalistic feel of these dresses looks great in both a high – class wedding venue environment as well as a beachside party. Some accessories that go great with such dresses include a bracelet, simple pearled necklace and a colourful bandana or hair band.

  1. Elegant Halter Floor Length Dresses


 If you are looking for elegant & fancy dresses for your little girl, you do not need to look any further. A classic halter maxi dress from a wholesome floor-length dress collection for kids is the perfect choice for sophisticated functions. The peaceful appeal of these dresses is simply stunning. One cannot fathom the amount of confidence that these dresses can induce in a little girl.

This dress is a power statement in itself. It requires nearly no help from any matching accessories. However, one may enhance the overall features of the dress with a beady blue or black necklace and a matte black metallic analog wrist watch.

  1. Short Sleeve Dresses

The short sleeve dresses are truly timeless. They feel like an evergreen fashion statement that will never go out of style. These dresses are lightweight and extremely easy on the shoulders. Skinny kids can wear it over a plain white shirt to add girth to it. A dark-coloured 3/4th pair of pants complements the easy-going appeal of the short sleeve dresses. They are the ideal choice for clothing in bright sunny environments due to their contrasting dark yet freestyle colour scheme.

  1. Lightweight Flowy Tops and Printed Skirts

If we had to use one word to describe these types of dresses, it would be ‘Breezy.’ The extremely laidback appeal of these dresses is ideal for house parties. They do not look too gaudy or showy and feel really easy on the eyes. The contrast between the punchy colours of the top and dark printed skirt feels natural and pretty. These dresses look best with lightweight white low-ankle sneakers as well as tall boots. They do not require any accessories over the wrist, neck, or the head.

  1. The Classic Lehengas

3.	Elegant Halter Floor Length Dresses

 The beautiful silk lehenga is a dress that your kid will yearn to wear on special occasions. It is perfect for traditional festivals like Diwali and Holi. The cascading effect of a shiny printed lehenga will undoubtedly attract the attention of people at the party.

The lehenga design usually goes with a light embellished crop top or blouse to make it look semi-formal and elegant. You can easily mix and match the printed top with a pair of black jeans. The two-piece nature of the lehenga dress will easily give you access to multiple combinations that are ideal dress for a variety of occasions.

  1. Mature Lapel Overcoats

If you are building a capsule wardrobe for your little girl, a lapel overcoat needs to be a part of it. This overcoat will inculcate a strong sense of maturity in your little girl and make her feel truly confident and powerful. You can easily couple the overcoat with black or dark blue leggings or slacks. The cold and wintery feel of lapel overcoat is complemented by the soft touch feel of the premium woollen material that seals in the heat. Therefore, these coats are an ideal choice for kids who are attending a party in cold outdoor environments.

  1. Sassy One-Shoulder Bell-Sleeved Dresses

The beachy one shoulder dress with bell-sleeves is the go-to piece of clothing for parties in an open environment. It is the first choice of several movie and TV celebrities due to its elusive yet prominent appeal. One of the key features of these dresses is that they offer a wide range of creative combinations. Throw in a cool black leather jacket and boots to make it ideal for a photoshoot.

  1. Solid Coloured Pleated Dresses

The definition of minimalism is redefined with a solid-coloured pleated dress. It looks extremely neat and pretty for little girls. The no non-sense appeal of the dress feels extremely soothing and natural for kids. The dress can be coupled with brown boots, and a red belt around the waist. The material like fabric of the clothes is also an important when selecting clothes for your little girl.

  1. Bolero Jackets with Skirts

Just like the grey oversized lapel coat, the bolero jackets are all about power. The out of the box design theme feels unique and attractive in its own way. The contrasting colours of the dress and skirt complement each other beautifully. These dresses are ideal for fine cultural events like theatre arts in chilly environments. Your kid can wear it with black low ankle boots.

Accessories – Waist Belt              


If you are searching for an evergreen accessory that looks great with all kinds of fashionable dresses online, you cannot go wrong with a belt. The finest collection of belts will contain some of the most unique designs in refined colours such as maple brown or matte black. The dark-coloured belts look best with contrasting light-coloured dresses. Similarly, the funky red and yellow belts go with the printed breezy dresses.

A few popular online shops offer a one-stop online destination for these dresses and matching accessories for little girls. Their ever-growing collection of premium dresses takes the latest design trends of the fashion industry into consideration. These high-quality dresses are ideal for kids due to their comfortable feel and lightweight materials that go easy on the skin.

 Author Bio: This is Aditi, a fashion enthusiast. Specialising in designer trends, styles and beauty tips for women, I love to share secrets of fashion which one can afford without burning a hole in their pockets.