Hair Color Trends and Styles for 2018 – Best Hair Colors and Products

Fashion may be changing every day but styling your hairs can’t go out of fashion that is why there are lots of hair styles we can have to make our self look flamboyant at the occasion or in the day to day routine.

Coloring your hairs gives them a different look which attracts the eyes and it looks best when your hairs are in healthy position. Having colored hairs will make you look a bit different in the mass and you can be the center of attraction at the party.

There are some different ways and some brilliant hair coloring ideas which can make your coloring quick and easy and very much effective. Its been a new season of summer and the perfect time to replace the old boring hair style.

Here are some hair color trends and styles 2018 ideas which can make your hairs look gorgeous:

Ultra violet:


This color can check your daring abilities as you have to decide either you want to have your bulk of hairs turned violent or just the small locks. You have to pick the perfect purple for your hairs and color them according to you desires. Like if you’re going to color your whole hairs purple than you can have deeper violet color and it will give you a bold and extremely eye catching look. If you  want to color the locks of the hairs than you can also go for the highlighting and it will give you a very attractive look.



Marshmallow is exactly the combination of white, blonde and grey hairs. In the event that you’ve been searching for the ideal blend of white, blonde, and silver hair, marshmallow hair shading (as it’s known) is absolutely your thing. Pinterest hair hues like “Pondered Wine” and “Gingerbread Latte” even roused an article about what to approach your beautician for. In case we’re in effect reasonable, Marshmallow influences me to consider unadulterated white locks.

Golden Ombre:

Ombre is a technique defined when your hair color is gradually converted into a whole new shade and turning them golden makes it golden ombre color. It will make your hairs look shiny and very attractive.

You can see in the above picture exactly what you hairs will look like after having the golden ombre shade and it seems very pretty.

Salt And Pepper:


Salt and pepper is the colour which will make you look professional in terms of fashion and other style statements. Not every can have the guts to have that kind of colour to your hairs as it will make you look a bit different in the cluster of people.

If you want to have this kind of intense look to your hairs than salt and pepper shade is the choice in the basket to pick the color. It will make you look like somebody artistic and your fashion sense can reflect your soul.

Burnt Orange:

Burnt Orange Hair colour

A good twist to your daily hair colour which can set your hair style on fire and make it look extremely gorgeous and it compliments both fair and dark skin. Consumed orange hair hues don’t get a considerable measure of play, and that is a disgrace. Since consumed orange tends to look all around red, it’s inconceivably flexible shading. It’s most complimenting to darker skin tones—cinnamon, nectar, warm dark colored, mahogany—and exceptionally fair skin. It supplements dark colored, golden, green, and hazel eyes the most. Investigate your skin and hair; at that point pick one of the accompanying varieties of consumed orange as your new tint.

Henna Hair Color:

Henna Hair Color

Rich Henna is an organic, natural hair color that works like a varnish over your regular hair shading to coat each strand in great shading. Utilizing a home grown hair color like henna has numerous advantages: each shade is totally one of a kind to you; developing roots look inconspicuous contrasted with engineered color options; and your hair picks up an extra defensive layer, boosting condition and shine. Also, it’s a fun movement for a night in at home and with these guidelines it’s anything but difficult to apply too.​ Indus valley provides best henna for hairs as it is 100% organic and natural. Best henna for hairs in terms of quality and herbal ingredients.

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