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Wavy clip-in hair extensions are among the widely used clip-in extensions. They are available in different sizes and are quite easy to install. Moreover, these clip-in extensions are available at an affordable rate and give a natural look to the applicants. The wavy clip-in extensions work well in medium and thick hair.

The wavy clip-in extensions are simple & easy to handle yet they should be taken good care. Nowadays, as the weather is getting warmer day by day so, these hair extensions should be carefully handled and the user should take extra care of them while they don’t put it on. It is always a good idea of taking care of your hair extensions when you are not using it.  As much care you will show towards your extension the longer they will be effective for use. The regular care and maintenance you can use your hair extension for a longer period of time. The lifespan of the extensions ranges from a year to one or even longer. Thus, it is highly recommended to pay special attention towards the maintenance of these hair extensions.

This article will help you in providing tips and guidance on how to take care of your wavy clip-in hair extensions. So, if you don’t pay much attention towards your hair extension than stop doing so and start taking care of them. It’s not that much difficult job. You just need to follow certain steps and can ensure long running life of your extensions.  The tips are as follows:

  1. Remove the extension within time:

The clip-in extensions cannot be worn for a sleepover. It is not safe for natural hair and the extensions itself. If you want to use the same clip-in extensions again and again then you must remove them before going to bed. If you sleep with clip-in extensions than it is possible that the clips might get into your scalp which can harm your hair growth. Moreover, it is suggested to remove them in the backward direction. The last installed clip-in should be removed first. Thus, if you neither want your natural hair nor clip-in extension to get damage than pull them off within time.

  1. Comb the hair extensions:

The most basic step for taking care of your wavy clip-in extensions is combing them. To avoid tangles it is recommended to comb them whenever you removed them and before every wash. It is suggested to use a wide tooth comb or soft bristle brush for combing the extensions. While combing the extensions one must start from the bottom hair and then move in the upward direction. Gently comb your extensions in a way that they didn’t get a break. In this way, your clip-in extensions won’t get damaged and can be used for a longer period of time.

  1. Wash the hair extensions:

If you want that your hair extension might give you a flawless look for a longer period of time than you should wash them properly. The hair extensions are capable of absorbing the oil from our natural hair thus they become oily and greasy. In order to ensure the quality of clip-in extensions, they should be washed properly after a month or twice a month. The wavy hair extensions required to be washed in a bathroom sink with a complimentary and mild shampoo. The shampoo should be used in a smooth gentle way and scrubbing should be avoided. It is recommended to use sulfur-free shampoo and conditioner. The best quality of sulfur-free shampoo and conditioner is that they provide hydration and moisture to the extensions.  This is because it causes tangles which ultimately damage the hair extension. Also, tangles are easily formed in wavy hair.  Use warm water for rinsing the hair extensions. Furthermore, do not comb the extension while they are wet and also don’t use a blow dry on it. Let them dry and then comb them.

  1. Moisturizing the hair extension:

By providing moisturization to the hair extensions one can simply take care of the clip-in extensions. Like our natural hair, the clip-in extensions also get dry soon. This condition is very frequent in the winter season. Thus, it is recommended to the user to apply moisturizer to the extensions whenever they feel they are getting dry. In this regard, conditioner can be used. Sulfur-free conditioner serves best in this regard.

  1. Curl your extensions:

To maintain the quality and structure of wavy clip-in extension it is suggested to curl them. This ensures your extension won’t damage soon. When your extensions are completely dry and you wave applied the moisturizer and have to comb them in a way that tangles are removed then the next steps come of curling them. With the help of a curling tool curled your extensions. It is advised to use the curling iron of a well-reputed company. It is highly prohibited to use a dryer on hair extensions. You just need to let them dry, comb them and use a curler for curling the extensions.

  1. Do not overuse your hair extensions:

The clip-in extensions are different for different looks and purposes. If you want to keep your hair open than you might use the different wavy clip-in extension and if you want to enjoy the look in a ponytail then the clip-in extensions are different. Do not overuse your extension. Use them according to their requirement. It’s not like you want to wear a ponytail so; you put on clip-in extensions for open hair. If you do so, you are damaging your hair extensions. It is better not to do such things.


Using your clip-in extension over a longer period of time requires care and attention, especially during winter for your kinky hair. Thus, you should take care of them as they help you in giving a classy and trendy look. If you haven’t taken care of your extensions in this way then stop wasting your time and start doing so. It is very important to take care of the extensions.

Hope this article provides you the information you were looking for 🙂