Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day with Extensions

Valentine’s day is the day of love.

For some of us, Valentine’s day is something we adore. We love celebrating love. We love giving love. More than giving love we love receiving Valentine’s day gifts. But for some of us, Valentine’s day is that day of the year when we can dress up and doll up.  Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate this day with a romantic effortless hairstyle! In this post, we’ve selected 6 of our gorgeous hairstyles that you can rock on this Valentine’s day with extensions.

But first, how do you put on hair extensions?

Perfect Hairstyles For Valentine's Day

Do you plan on wearing your hair up or wish to add volume to your updo or ponytail and don’t know how to do so? Hair extensions are the answer to your questions. Putting on extensions is super easy. You need to clipped-in part against your roots in such a way that the last layer of your hair is invisible. So now your hair extension will face the right direction.

But only adding hair extensions looks boring and doesn’t really make for a glam appearance. Here is a compilation of 6 gorgeous hairstyles with extensions for your V-day:

1. The Ideal Heart Ponytail

What is better than an ideal heart ponytail for an ideal Valentine’s day? Try this super unique and creative hairstyle which will make you look extremely cute. Put on your extensions and get ready to try this hairstyle out.


  • Firstly, curl up all your hair
  • Take a section of your hair at the back of your head
  • Divide this section into two separate ponytails
  • Twist each ponytail in a curve and pin them up in the shape of a heart
    Your heart bun is all set to help you rock your day.

2. Elegant Date Night Hair

This is an absolute romantic and elegant hairstyle that would suit your date night. All that this hairstyle need is a beautiful dress and you’re ready to go!


  • Primarily, you need to get your hair curled for this hairstyle
  • Take a section of hair each from above your ear
  • Put them in a knot behind at the back of your head and pin it
  • Take 2 more sections and repeat the above step

In no time, you will have a stunning hairstyle for your special night.

3. Romantic Bun

This gorgeous hairstyle is not as complicated as it looks like. With a few twists and braiding, you will have an amazing outcome. This is an amazing hairstyle that can totally do it without the extensions too.


  • Initially tease the crown section of your hair
  • Leave a section of your hair in front and start braiding the rest of your hair
  • Pull out some hair for a messier look
  • Now roll the braid inwards into a bun and fix it with bobby pins
  • Twist the remaining hair around the bun and secure it with pins for the finished look.

4. Fishtail Bun

If your dress has some detail on it that you wish to show off, then you surely want to try this hairstyle out. This look is absolutely spectacular and super easy to pull off!



  • Start by making a regular fishtail braid at the side of your head
  • Then roll your braid to form a bun and there you go!

An ideal hairstyle that suits your viniq-shimmered date night.

5. Triple Braid

This hairstyle works best when you have no time to wash your hair. This triple braid is one of our favorites that will definitely give you a refreshed look on your Valentine’s.


  • Start twisting your hair from the side until you reach the midsection of your head
  • Then start braiding your remaining hair at the front by adding sections of your hair to it
  • Bring together the twisted section and the braid and start braiding them to get your finished look
    Rock this chic look with a cute little dress!


6. The Sleek Rolled Tuck-In Bun

This is a highlight on our ‘updo hairstyles’ list as it is both feminine and sophisticated.

hair style


  • Put your hair in a sleek ponytail
  • Proceed by pulling your hair into two parts and creating a loop for your ponytail
  • Put the ponytail through the loop, flip it upwards and pin it
  • Leave a few inches of hair out, then take the ends of your hair and loop it again and pin the center by doing a clockwise move
  • Twist the remaining hair counter-clockwise and pin it all securely with bobby pins.

These are undoubtedly the easiest yet stunning hairstyles with extensions to make your look stand out this Valentine’s. Valentine’s day is all about love and gifts we exchange. The best way to impress your partner is try a different hairstyle with a new dress and Chocolate gifts.

Author’s Bio: Jessica Smith has been writing for a few years now. She is a writer by day and reader by night. She was a very quiet child but writing always inspired her and that is why she began writing in her free time. She loves reading, be it a newspaper, a book or anything. She also loves cooking, traveling and dancing. She wants to be a successful writer as writing is her passion.