How to get beautiful teeth without braces

Prevention is better than cure, and we all know how true the statement is. The best way to keep the teeth strong and beautiful without the braces is to prevent them from all kinds of damage.

Here are some ways you can prevent getting crooked teeth

  1. Stop sleeping on your stomach.

The inward pressure on the teeth can lead to crowding and inward overlapping. One of the causes behind such condition is sleeping on your stomach. When you sleep on your stomach, you also put a lot of weight on your face.

This causes inward pressure on your teeth. The situation is worsened for people who sleep with the arm or something firm under the head while sleeping on the stomach. In order to avoid that, try to sleeping on your back or side and stop the teeth from re-positioning itself inward.

  1. Do not sit leaning your hand on the chin

Most people that sit on the desks for long period of time suffer from poor posture. They sit for so long that they start slouching their backs and sit with their hand on their heads or their chin. This posture can have a long time effect on the health of the person.

When you slump forward at your desk and rest your face in your hand, you are creating pressure on the jaw. This pressure is responsible for pushing the teeth inwards, leading to crooked teeth.

This situation can be avoided by maintaining the right posture. Sit flat on your bottom instead of rolling towards the lower spine. This helps in aligning the lower body with the upper body and remove any inconvenience which lead you to place the hands on the jaw initially.

  1. Stop thumb-sucking and other oral fixations.

Just like putting too much inward pressure on the teeth can lead to crooked teeth, the outward pressure is also not good for you. This is mostly the case in children who have the habit of sucking their thumbs. This is also the reason why pacifiers and bottle feeding are not good for the kids teeth.

These activities cause lot of outward pressure on the mouth. This is not the case with only kids. Even grown ups who have the habit of using straws, chewing pens are giving outward pressure on their teeth which can lead them to having crooked teeth. The only way to prevent damage is to stop ourselves from such habits.

  1. Close the gap for any missing teeth.

Losing permanent teeth as an adult can be problematic for the person and cause further issues like having crooked teeth.

There can be many reasons as to why an adult might lose teeth. They can be due to extractions, dental problems, injury, or damage to the permanent teeth while the baby teeth were falling out. The gap that is left from the missing tooth puts more pressure on the existing teeth as the gap creates different pressure around the mouth while chewing. This can lead to having crooked teeth.

  1. Have your wisdom teeth removed if they cause problem.

Wisdom teeth come last, around end of teen years. Which means they are going to cause a lot of pain and can even lead to many significant changes in the mouth. They are not even important to the mouth, so if there are any complications regarding the wisdom tooth, if they are coming out in the wrong place, or if they are making the other teeth crowded, it is better that they are removed from the mouth before causing much trouble. Consult the best dentist and get the wisdom tooth removed as soon as they start causing problems to you.

Preventing the crooked teeth is best way to keep your teeth beautiful without getting braces or any dental treatment. These are the basics of maintaining the shape of the teeth and preventing them from any serious damage in the future. Crooked teeth can give rise to a lot of serious dental issues, hence it is best to prevent them before the damage is done ad it is too late.