How To Keep Your Eyelash Extensions Looking Perfect

Eyelash Extensions Looking Perfect

If you are thinking about getting eyelash extensions know that they are a fun accessory to the face, but they demand a high level of maintenance. You will definitely have a beautiful yet delicate addition which will last you for weeks to come. However, beauty comes at a price. You will need to learn the proper way to maintain your lashes and what to avoid at any cost.

How To Take Care Of Your Lash Extensions

If you want to make your lashes perfect you got to follow these 6 steps:

1. Lash Hygiene

Make sure you always remove your makeup before you go to bed. Also, brush through your lashes with a small comb. Use lukewarm water when washing them and never go in with boiling hot water. If you are not careful enough your extensions will fall out sooner than expected and you might end up with itchy lids and some unwanted redness around your eyes.


2. Don’t Pick Them

Never pick on your lashes, and especially not during the first 24 hour period after getting them done. The more you touch them, the more you are transferring some oil from your fingertips to your lash strain. This will make the lashes fall out before you know it, so control yourself, and don’t tug them.

3. Don’t Use Oil

Using oil-free products on your face is a must, especially when it comes to eye makeup removers. Your lashes are very sensitive and should avoid oils at any cost. Just use a cotton swab around them and a foam cleanser.

4. Avoid Mascaras

Avoid Mascaras

You may want to avoid using mascaras as often as you can. Your eyelashes can break or fall out sooner than expected with mascaras. However, if you fail at this task you can proceed with a mascara that is waterproof or you can buy the one which is specially designed for lash extensions.

5. Don’t Remove Them On Your Own

After a certain time passes (3-4 weeks) you will need a refill. This is the only way for you to have a proper and long-lasting set. Removing lashes on your own will only cause damage to your natural lashes, so we don’t recommend it. If you are in need of a quick fix and you can’t book your lash lady anytime soon we recommend getting strip lashes. Apply a pair every time you go out until your next appointment. This way you will have equal lashes all over the lid.

6. Watch Out For Shedding

It is normal to lose some lashes every now and then. Don’t be alarmed if you notice a huge gap between your extensions. Believe it or not, your natural lashes tend to shed! Your extensions fall out along with your natural lashes whenever they shed. Know that some lashes grow a lot faster than others. However, usually, lashes tend to fall out every 4-6 weeks. If this happens to you try to book your treatment as soon as possible or use strip lashes to cover the gap.

After starting and growing The Lash Spa to where it is today I’ve had thousands of clients and learned a LOT about helping my clients getting longer lasting results by teaching them exactly how to care for their lashes. Follow the above steps and you’ll hold on to them for the longest possible time, meaning better value for money, and more enjoyment and beauty from you lashes 🙂

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