How to Look Younger in the Age of 40?

Look Younger in the Age of 40

If you wish to stay looking young at the age of 40, some lifestyle changes become crucial. The reason is that some modifications naturally start to show up at this age. Here are some tips that will help you look younger at 40 years:

Get your teeth whitened:

In general, teeth start to darken with age. Yellow teeth are a good indication of age. By the time you reach 40 years, the effect of caffeinated drinks and smoking will apparently show up on your dental line. Not just a whitening treatment, bleaching at your dentist office will reduce your aged appearance by about ten years. Even, you can try unique toothpaste at home.

Keep your weight in check:

Keeping a watch on your weight is vital. The rate of metabolism slows down with age. It happens mainly at the age of 30. If you do not increase the intensity of your workout, you might end up gaining a couple of pounds a year. By the time you reach 40 years, there are higher chances that you will gain weight to give a further aged look.

Dress young:

As you know, women are attracted to dressing. At the age of 40, you might think about dressing young. But, you should not overdo it. It is better to keep away from see-through tops, flashy fabrics and skirts. These dresses will show that you are trying too hard to hide your age. On the flip side, you should also keep away from baggy clothes and mom jeans as these dresses will also give an impression that you are trying to hide something. You can get ideas on dressing from age-appropriate fashion magazines. Also, look for useful tips on natural anti-ageing skincare habits online.

Select the right bra:

When you age, your breasts start to sag. So, to look younger, it is highly crucial that you should choose the right fitting bra. It can instantly take off the aged look from you. Go for branded ones.

Choose the right hair colour:

You should carefully choose a hair colour that rightly fits your skin tone, and you should also maintain it. At the age of 40, you might have a considerable amount of grey hair to cover. If you use dark tone hair shades, you will have to visit the salon frequently. When you choose lighter shades, they will hide grey hair better, and you need not spend more for upkeep as well.

Treat aging skin:

When you reach the late thirties, the signs of aging start to appear. At the age of 40, in addition to dealing with prominent wrinkles, you will also have to deal with dry skin and skin discoloration. You should talk to your doctor about prescription skin care creams to get rid of dark spots and fine lines. In the case of deeper lines, treatments like gel fillers and botox can help you. To prevent further damage, it is better to use a dependable sunscreen.

Move to lighter makeup:

The thing to remember here is the heavy powder and foundation can make your wrinkles to sink. In turn, it will make you look older. So, go for a softer eyeshade and lighter lip colour. It will reduce attention to problem areas and imperfections. Before you apply the base colour, ensure that the skin has moisture. Hydrated skin will show minor wrinkles than dry skin.


So, aging is unavoidable, but you can hide the signs of aging with some simple things. You might have seen people, who look very young for long and this is because they lead a stress-free life. So, stay stress-free as much as possible.

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