Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses – 3 Interesting Twists that are an Upgrade from the Basic

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Are you the fashionista bride that everybody stays in dread of?

Do you have an individual and unique sense of style which stands out from everyone else?

If yes, then you would obviously want your wedding couture to be a class apart.

And this will stand true not only for your bridal wear but also the dresses for the bridesmaids. One of the most celebrated trends these days, especially for the lovely bridesmaids, is mismatched style.

This is a unique choice where quite contrary to the conventional styles, all your girl gang members deck-up in different kinds of dresses and yet represent a cohesive factor which helps to easily identify them as the bridesmaids.

But like you said that you are the so-called style icon of your group, you would love to set the trends and not follow them. So, you must try to work around the mismatched bridesmaid dresses too.

Usually, mismatched style is about using the same color on dresses with different styles and cuts or using different contrasting colors or varied hues of the same color family on same kinds of cuts and necklines.

But since you want to give it your twist, here are a few ideas that will be a lovely upgrade from the basic mismatched style. Take a look.

Spark it up with Sparkles

All of us know that metallic dresses and gowns have made a marvelous comeback from the 80s and are here to stay. If your wedding is a glamorous affair, full of pomp and show, then a bit of shimmer and shine will add more glory to it.

Sparkles Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Choose different kinds of sequined dresses in varied colors and different styles. For instance, you can pick halter neck, scoop neck, off-shoulder, one-shoulder, strapless, boat neck, or sweetheart necklines for dresses in gold, rose-gold, ivory, or silver cocktail gowns for your gorgeous girls. Just remember you can pick any dress revolving around the sparkle.

The Back Story

necklines for mismatched dresses

Enough of exploring the necklines for mismatched dresses! For years, you will notice that mismatched style refers to different varieties of necklines.

But why don’t you experiment with the back this time? Choose a single color like mint green, coral red, or lavender and ask your girlies to pick dresses which have a stylish back.

It could be anything, starting with an embellished or embroidered sheer back on a boat-neck front, a halter style dress with a crisscross back, a peek-a-boo keyhole back, or simply go backless.

These varied back styles will also give your divas a cohesive factor and at the same time, maintain their individuality with the choice of back they think they can pull off the best, thereby best serving the purpose of a mismatched style dressing.

Divide & Rule

mix and match bridesmaid dresses online

Another stunning way of doing the mismatched style dresses is to divide your girl gang into two groups, such as 2 and 2, 3 and 2, 3 and 3, and so on.

Choose two styles of dresses and assign to two groups. For example, you can think of doing a contrast between a shimmery style and plain chiffon.

Choose a plain, blush-pink chiffon style long gown for two members of your bridesmaids and contrast the look with rose-gold shimmery long gowns for the other two or three members of the bridesmaids.

For cohesion, you can keep the style of the dresses same like a strapless v-neck with a thigh-high slit or an off-shoulder sweetheart neckline. Divide the styles amongst the lovely ladies and see how the bridesmaids rule your wedding with much panache.

So, what are you still waiting for? Keep these in your mind and embark on your shopping spree today to pick some of the most interesting mismatched dresses for your bridesmaids.

Author Bio: Amy Greene, a fashion blogger, here writes on 3 kinds of interesting twists you can add to the mismatched bridesmaid dresses to make them look like a fashionable diva.