Nourish Your Skin with Fruits and Vegetables Packed in Health Benefits

fruits for glowing skins

What makes the skin glow? This is a common query which frequently comes in mind. The answer we know but don’t rely upon! Since the school time, everyone has learned. The food is the building blocks of our body. Healthy fruits and vegetables help body to grow, develop and repair the damaged cells. Also Increases the immunity power.

Once the body comes in a healthy state from inside skin glows from outside. The real spark comes from a healthy body and state of mind. Yes! There is no rocket science behind this. Even celebrities keep the box full of fresh fruits and vegetables and include fresh salads in their daily diet.

So, include as much as you can in your daily diet and let your skin add a spark. Here are the top list of fruits and vegetables you could start with.

Fruits to Eat to Have Glowing Skin


Malic Acid presents in ample amount help to stating from diseases and provides young skin. Quercetin an antioxidant present in peel protects from sun damage.


Full of vitamin C-boost the immunity power also works as a body cleanser and keeps away from toxins and impurities. Enhances skin’s quality prevents constipation and aids rejuvenation.


Contains vitamin A, beta carotene, and papain, an important enzyme which counters free-radical skin damage. Good for metabolism and skin glow.


It moisturizes and hydrates skin due to the presence of high levels of potassium. A full diet fruit.


Considered as the king of antioxidant rich fruits. Have similar qualities as of green tea and blue berries. Good for blood and full of fiber.

Vegetables to Eat to Have Glowing Skin


Rich in antioxidant-lycopene this has anti-aging properties. This also works as a sunscreen, prevents pimples. Helps in digestion and flush out the impurities. An aid for weight loss too.


The antioxidants present in spinach helps reduce wrinkles and very good for health and skin. Rich in iron and strengthen skin tissue. Rich in folate also which reduces the risk of cancer too.

Bottle Gourd

It works on the wrinkles and dryness of the skin due to the rich in water and zinc along with potassium, vitamin B5, and B6.Keeps the hormonal balance and skin problems away.

Bitter Gourd

Yes known as Karela! a very good vegetable which is a blood purifier. It prevents all skin problems and gives a rejuvenating effect. Aid for weight loss.


Have antioxidant quality and rich in fiber. Contains a number of anti-cancer compounds like sulforaphane. Helps in weight loss and allergies. Reduces dark circles and work on pimples.