Off the Shoulder? Here’s How to Rock this Look Every Season

The unique silhouettes of off the shoulder tops make them flirty and lightweight, ensuring you never blend in with the crowd. Does this trendy spring and summer style vibe perfectly with your fashion taste? If so, show some skin during all FOUR seasons this year with help from these season-savvy style tips.

Off the Shoulder

Summer: Beach Chic Vibes

This summer, try pairing your cute, feminine off the shoulder tops (airy ruffle sleeves are a bonus) with California girl-style denim shorts. There’s no better outfit to wear on a date at the boardwalk! Whether you prefer regular denim shorts or distressed ones, a cute off the shoulder shirt will help you get the best out of your boho chic ensemble.

Spring/Fall: Flirty, Cozy Gal-Next-Door

This blouse style comes in a wide range of materials, and yes, that includes warm knits and delicate long-sleeves. This spring or fall, pair your jeans, trousers, denim skirt, or other go-to bottom with a graceful, feminine off the shoulder top and show that a little chilly air won’t keep your shoulders in hiding. Depending on how you coordinate your look, you’ll either give off girl-next-door or sassy vixen vibes. Don’t forget to use accessories to your advantage, either. A cute scarf or chic sunglasses can really tie everything together (and keep you comfy during that ever-changing transitional weather).

Winter: Coordinate with Layers

A shoulder-showing style may not be great for the harshest days of winter, but it is possible to wear it on all the mildly chilly days of the season. Simply choose a top made of thicker material (such as wool) and do as you must for all winter clothing: layer, layer, layer! Off the shoulder tops go well with lots of currently trending casual winter styles, from skinny jeans n’ boots to tweed jacket n’ pants. The best outwear to pair with are denim jackets, cardigans, vests, and other statement jackets that show off a little bit of the shirt’s silhouette.

General Styling Tips

  • Add trendy jewelry, such as dangle or hoop earrings, or even a statement necklace, to your outfit to fill out the décolleté and show off your awesome coordination skills.
  • Explore many different off the shoulder top designs, from those with cutouts to those that simply rest horizontally across the chest and shoulders. If you see a unique style of off the shoulder top that you like, then make sure to snag it. A unique silhouette will catch you lots of compliments!
  • Select the right bottoms. Off the shoulder tops come in all shapes and sizes, and you’ll need to work out the right bottoms to go with yours. Always pair roomy tops with skinny pants to keep from looking baggy, but feel free to pair fitted tops with just about any casual bottom.
  • Make the Look Your Own

    Off the shoulder tops are currently trending, especially among lovers of boho and urban fashion. Make sure to strut your stuff in bare-shoulder style this year while the trend is still going strong. It’s time to invigorate your routine with a cute, unconventional piece that will wow!