Why Do People Love Watching Rich People and Luxurious Lifestyles in Shows and Movies?

Why Do People Love Watching Rich People

We live in the age of brand-consciousness and it is very often that we see people being emotionally attached and even devoted to expensive brands. The reason is perhaps to have a sense of belonging to something, but that’s not the reason for everyone. Most people love to flaunt about the brands that they buy, especially in their social media posts and updates. Well, that’s altogether another debate that how and why people are falling prey to the addiction of brands and becoming victims of the much-prevalent brand mania. For now, we will discuss how (other than owning)people love watching about how rich people live, which cars they drive, how customized are their private jets, how many carats are the solitaires in rich women’s rings, how beautiful are their mansions and so on and so forth.

Due to these tastes that the audience and viewers have developed, media is obliged to please the audience with movies and shows that revolve around the grandiose and exquisiteness of rich people’s lavish lifestyles.If you have subscriptions to one of the quality TV plans such as Spectrum Cable TV Packages and you are a regular viewer, you must have an idea how most of the shows and movies are based on the extravagant and lush lifestyles of the elite class. And if not directly/fully based on this then to incorporate this much-rated glamour of money, they add characters or things (cars, music systems, gadgets, etc.) to appease the audience. Let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

What’s the Psyche Behind This?

People are addicted to movies and shows that show incredible and unbelievable glamorous lifestyles and what people are capable to do with money. The main reason for that is every person out there want to be rich and make money, and he dreams of experiencing all those luxurious yacht trips with friends, private jet tours, get expensive cars customized, eat at top-rated restaurants, unlimited partying, drinking from the finest array of rare wines and whiskies, use top-notch gadgets and the list is never-ending.

People imagine and envy all or some of the aforementioned activities and this is exactly why they love to see all these in the movies and shows. After all, it is human psyche to want to see what he loves or dreams of. This is the very reason these things are very popular and are excessively shown in movies.In addition to that, on another note, this obsession with money and related luxuries is having a negative impact on the society overall. Only looking up to someone because he is rich or has stuff that is crazy expensive isn’t something that is worth all the envy.

But since it is prevalent, ethical values and qualities in a character that is worth all the praise and admiration are no more appreciated. Movies that are focused on luxury and money are much more grossing than those that are based on an autobiography of a person who was an unbelievably hard worker and had taken care of his responsibilities in life (unless he luckily gets rich in the end).

Some of the Popular Movies that Depict the Said Luxurious Lifestyle

Some of the Popular Movies

Here we have listed some of the movies that show the inspirational stories of extremely affluent and their unbelievable lifestyles, buying mansions, house, cars, rare alcohol varieties, traveling in private jets with delicious interior and what not. Also, making the audience awe in how intelligently (or luckily) they invested and reinvested in some of the most popular businesses to make more money.

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is the perfect example of how life could be if money literally grew on trees. It’s a movie where jewels have more bling and blitz than spotlight and the famous and rich gamble and rightly depicts how the captivating and fascinating world of the rich functions.

Sex and the City

It is about those rich women who have earned massive amounts of money and crazily spend it on elegant wardrobe, stilettoes to die for, huge houses that make ours look like shoeboxes, vacations to all the mesmerizing places and sassy, fine cocktails.

Wolf of Wall Street

In this movie, you get to see all that involves a high-life, money, alcohol, yachts, drugs and what not.

The list is never-ending, but we will still mention some other movies that make one crave for that lifestyle and enjoy such tempting luxuries. Iron Man, Fast and the Furious, The American Made, Limitless, The Big Short, Goodfellas, The Devil Wears Prada, Legally Blonde, Batman, Princess Diaries and so on.

Is This Craze More Negative than Positive?


Well, if you ask us, we believe that it is more negative than positive. Watching the luxury lifestyles of people, awe-struck and wanting one for yourself is cultivating a sense of something always lacking in your life, always wanting more, being depressed and rather ashamed about what you have, and even be impressed by the unfair means of earning money just like how they show in the movies. Such things are making people more superficial and materialistic which is not good.

But unless it is not made an obsession and instigate an inferiority complex, merely seeing it for the sake of fun and entertainment is all good. And as they say, an excess of everything is bad, we should try and watch all sorts of movies especially the autobiographical ones to learn more and better about what real life is. Staying real is the best thing!

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