Popular Engagement Rings for Early 2018

Popular Engagement Rings for Early 2018

The year has just begun, which means that there’s a whole year of amazing and beautiful rings ahead of us. However, there are some trends which promise to be big. So, if you are planning a winter or early spring engagement, you may want to pay attention to these in order to stay ahead of the trends.

Engagement ring retailers like us keep a close eye on these trends and are ready to offer you a variety of choices depending on your preferences, budgets, and style which you have in mind. These are some of them.

Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

An oval diamond cut has been less than popular for a long time, but now it has been experiencing a bit of a renaissance and a sharp surge in popularity. One of the potential explanations for this surge in interest for these diamond rings is because of their vintage look, since anything vintage and old-fashioned is currently very popular.

Oval engagement rings tend to be paired with rose gold and colored diamonds, like a yellow or pink diamond, although any combination looks amazing and refreshingly novel when compared to most other engagement rings.

Die Struck Engagement Rings

If you are looking for something special and unique, you may want to pay attention to this trend. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it is a process of creating jewelry by compressing metal rather than by casting it. The result is a much more durable and strong ring.

These rings are much better for intricate filigree work and can take much more pressure and hits before anything is damaged on them. The resulting rings tend to be true works of art and can be passed on from generation to generation. If you want to learn more about this technique, read this article emersonandfarrar.com/pages/die-struck-engagement-rings.

Colored Gems Engagement Rings

The tradition of having a diamond in your engagement ring is being challenged in this generation, as are many other traditions. People all over are beginning to explore less traditional options of having colored gems as central stones in their engagement rings.

Some people choose birthstones as the basis for picking a gem, whereas others simply go by the color they like the most. However, you should consult a gemologist or an expert jeweler when going with this option. Not all gems are durable enough to make ideal stones for engagement rings.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Just like the color of the gemstones is susceptible to change, so is the metal which is used for the bands. Even though some people insist that traditional white gold looks best with colorless diamonds, there’s a large following of fans of rose gold.

They would argue that the warm and gentle color of this metal exudes romance and that makes it ideal for this kind of a ring.

Stackable Rings

If you are buying an engagement ring, chances are that you will need a wedding ring fairly soon after that. Resourceful and creative jewelry designers have decided to combine the two and offer engagement rings which can be docked into the wedding band, creating a combination of the two which is even more beautiful and really in a league of its own.

These rings are so novel and interesting that they are sure to draw a lot of attention this season. You should still consider this option carefully if you lead an active life since this kind of ring might be a hindrance in that respect.

These are some of the up and coming trends of the year, but don’t forget that whatever engagement ring you ultimately choose, you are the one who should like it since you will be the one to wear it.