Some Poses To Pre-Shoot Your Dreamy Wedding Outfit- Bridal Lehenga

Obvious, you take so much to decide what to wear on your special day. And when your dreamy outfit gets finalized, a memorable and unforgettable pre-shoot is a must for your oh-so-dazzling attire of wedding. Besides, what’s better than shopping for bridal lehenga in ravishing on-going hues, designs and patterns? Although, some go to a Bollywood lehenga or some for designer embroidered lehengas. But, if you are a diva who is having a creative mind, you can customize your own thoughts on your masterpiece. Hence, its all depends on you and on your taste.

Here are some beautiful and Trending poses ideas that you can apply. Check them out!


In this pose, do a twirl wearing your special lehenga and capture the moment when the lehenga is being flaunted by you. The background should be light blurred and the focus will be on you.

Shoot From Back

If you have shopped your bridal lehenga inspired by Bollywood lehengas and having a trail cut (extra fabric) on the back, then this is what you should capture first. Take a step ahead and let the extra fabric flaunts itself to shoot that moment.

Contrast Play

Are you a fusion lover? Then, this post is definitely for you. If your lehenga is having a striking color like orange, yellow or multicolor, choose a contrast and printed decorated wall to shoot your pics in front of it. It will lend a different usual and bring out the actual hue of your lehenga smartly.

Pose Closely

Because, you are too choosy and you have picked an extremely designer embroidered lehenga with special customized characters like hashtags, traditional animal, butterfly and more for your wedding day. So at least, that impressive embroidery work should be highlighted. And for that, take a close capture of that special character or embroidery.

Lehenga On Tree

It has become the trending pose for pre-shoots as it is very creative and delightful to see. For this pose, you all need to do hang your bridal lehenga on the tree either you tie it around the trunk of a tree or just hang it with the help of wardrobe hanger. It will look cool with both of ways.

Pose Like A Diva with Diva

Don’t get it? We mean, wear your bridal lehenga and pose like a diva whom Bollywood lehenga you brought. And now, edit your pic with the Bollywood diva’s pic together if you are filmy or a crazy fan of any star. Simple! It would be something unique.

Give Beautiful Clicks To Latkans

Don’t forget to capture those heavy and bejeweled latkans which contribute all same like other tiny things. These latkans look quirky and they are the important USP of your special day lehenga choli. Whether latkans will be attached to your designer blouse or on lehengas, capture all to have that unforgettable glance.

So, these are some poses which will help to give a pre-shoot to your bridal lehenga.