A Salvo of Style-How Runway Fashion Influences Activewear Trends

fashion trend 2018

There used to be a stark difference between the fashion that we watched walk down the runway and the clothes we would slip into to head to the gym. However, the lines have never been more blurred and the fashion world is better for it. Have you noticed this changing industry?

High fashion now incorporates activewear and vice versa. The trends in street fashion are now directly inspired by the haute couture you couldn’t have imagined wearing (or being able to afford, for that matter). Furthermore, outdoor designers and curators are trying to bring a touch of class to the Lifestyle Apparel you have come to know and love. Kanye is one of those fashion influencers who has been blurring those lines and incorporating sportswear with high fashion and his Yeezy brand speaks to that in a big way. He’s not the only one, though; major outdoor brands are doing the same. It’s the future of fashion – and it only gets better.

Runway Fashion’s Influence


There is one thing that the outdoor industry has been working on in recent years and that is finding their own style and substance among the misshapen, unflattering clothing that we have come to know and love. In the 90s the rage was Adidas joggers even when you weren’t at the gym, but looking back they were unappealing. Now, you can still purchase the same joggers, but they have more shape and style to them than they did in the early days of the fashion trend. In the 50s, it was all about short shorts and vests – and in the 90s baggy everything, even as those styles comes back around, looking back on old pictures is cringe-worthy. At some point, we are going to find the perfect blend of the old fashions that have gone away and the newer fashions that may need a tweak here and there. People don’t just want to look good when they go down the pub or to work. They want to look good all the time.

People who work out, rock climb, and hike want to look good while they do it, just like the people in the gym want to make sure they look stylish. You never know who you’re going to meet when you’re out and about. Many outdoor companies have adopted this idea in their clothing ranges, why didn’t they think of that sooner? Adding fashion to activewear. Now, we have ranges of outdoor clothing that provide both function and fashion, in a way that we have never seen before.
Once upon a time, you wouldn’t have wanted to be seen shopping in these togs, yet now you’re happy to run your errands in these clothes as you take care of business before you get down to the adventure. A decade or so ago, the idea of incorporating fashion into outdoor clothing was not only unheard of, but no one would have taken the idea seriously. Yet, the tables have turned and the lines have blurred both ways.

What’s Set To Be Hot For 2018

fashion trend 2018

We don’t realize just how far in advance these fashion concepts are born – the fashion creators are thinking years ahead when they design new patterns and clothing. They don’t just look at the runway, though, these designers are traveling the world looking for the right mix of style and function. There are so many different styles that operate at one time that you are sure to find the perfect fit for you, whether you prefer streetwear or want to sport a preppy look.

For 2018, you’ll see more of the same, with the sweet addition of androgeny, combined with urban and athletic sensibilities. Expect oversized pieces (it isn’t just Taylor Swift rocking this style, it’s massive in NY right now), and a-line shells. The outdoor industry is taking the basics of activewear and giving them a complete facelift. You should also get used to the colour story being much of muchness when it comes to the sexes. It isn’t about pink and blue or soft and dark colours anymore. Now, you’re going to see burnt oranges, forest greens, rusty reds, and plaid patterns, too. Women want the same colours and patterns as those that were traditionally seen as male.

There is an elegance in activewear and outdoor gear that has never been seen before and that trend is only set to grow. Keep your eye on the trends because wearing yoga pants as everyday pants were just the tip of the iceberg.

So, what type of activewear speaks to you? Are you a beach yoga enthusiast, a hiking master or all about running marathons? No matter what type of outdoor activity you’re into, you can look amazing while enjoying your favourite form of exercise. Even if you don’t enjoy exercise, you can still choose outdoor gear and feel comfortable because it’s as stylish as it is functional. It’s time to take advantage of incredible discounts from Styletread and upgrade your shoe stock.

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