The Secrets! The Tips! and The Diet of the B-Town Actress Alia Bhatt

She is Stunning! She is Fascinating! She adores everyone while doing acting. She is Gorgeous enough to play the character of a child actress without any extra work out. Yes, we are talking about the most beautiful and Bollywood Diva-  Alia Bhatt.

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The Figure! The Skin-Tone! The Freshness! is all that easy for her? Was she always like this? Not at all, once upon a time she was a fatty girl. There is always a hard work and labor beneath a success. For her number of movies, she has planned to lose the weight. She has done a lot of efforts and taken the pain for this benchmarking success.

Let’s know the Secret Behind her Diet and Beauty


  • Alia says she does exercise daily. To lose the weight and burn extra calories, to stay active she adds cardiovascular steps.
  • She drinks lot water to keep her hydrated throughout the day. Alia is in the favor that water helps to maintain the balance of body fluids.
  • Weight could not be loosed without the aid of proper and balanced diet. Alia knows this very well and follows a strict diet along with the exercise.
  • Alia says I start my day with a light and healthy breakfast which gives me energy without adding any extra fat such as bread toast and cornflakes.
  • In mid morning snacks, she enjoys one of her favorite fruit or natural fruit juice. She says this not only gives me freshness but also keeps me rejuvenated. She generally avoids canned juices as this contains preservatives and added sugar
  •  At lunch, she loves to eat chapatti with dal and healthy vegetables including salads. Alia takes vegetables cooked in little oil and spices.
  • At evening snacks she uses to take sugar-free tea or coffee. Sometimes she takes one  Idli with Sāmbhar.
  • In Dinner also she loves chapatti, with a little rice. Again vegetables cooked in less oil.  Before getting on the bed she takes a glass of milk.

Makeup and Hair Care Tips of the most Multi Talented Actress Alia Bhatt



Alia Bhatt is fully packed up with different shootings and promotional activities. While doing all these what she does for her hairs? What is in her makeup kit?

  • Alia loves natural ways and doesn’t follow too much for hairs. She keeps washing her hairs in every two days. She is not a user of many hair products and while not on shooting gives hair a break.
  • One thing she loves to do for her hairs is protein masks as a supplement. This keeps her hair strong and shiny. She is a strong user of Philips hair styling products.
  •  For makeup, Alia believes less is more. A Maybelline Colossal Kajal, Vibrant shade of lipstick and mascara completes her.
  • She uses Multani  Matti and pat ice on the face in morning usually. Cleanser and Concealer are a part of her make up kit.
  • Face wash in a combination of Neem and Tulsi Yes Garnier Pure Active face wash makes her day.
  • Milk to shine! 8 hrs sleep to avoid dark circle. Yes, Alia applies raw milk on the face and takes 8 hrs sleep to avoid dark circles.

Now follow her and be fascinating.

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