Skin Care Tips to Define the Beautiful You

Have you ever imagined how your friend looks so youthful and her skin all glowy even without applying layers of make-up? Wouldn’t you love the same feel on your skin? Well, getting a bloomy and beautiful skin doesn’t need a lot of make-up or expensive parlor treatments.

It can be attained very naturally by adopting some healthy habits and using easily available natural products. Skin is a very important part of our body, in fact, it is the only organ which occupies the largest area of our body, and so taking good care of our skin is as important and essential as taking care of our physical fitness and our mental and physical health.

Skin Care Tips to Define the Beautiful You

To help you with taking the best care of yourself for an ever-glowing skin and avoiding skin-related issues and diseases, following are some secret skin-care tips:

Secret skin-care tips

  1. Stay hydrated: Water can have magical effects on our body. Be it raising the body’s metabolism levels or helping our skin to get rid of the unnecessary toxins. Try to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water and feel the magic yourself.
  2. Take rest: Everybody understands the importance of sleep to enhance our productivity and maintain our physical and mental health but very few know that those 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily can have a miraculous effect on your skin as well. A good night sleep can help your skin look smooth and healthy in no time.
  3. Eating Dark chocolates: You will love this one! Dark chocolates are very rich in antioxidants and these antioxidants work amazingly for brightening up your skin. This gives another reason to consume your favorite (dark) chocolates for a brighter and bloomer skin.
  4. Face Massage: There is a big difference between applying face cream and massaging the same. Remember the “How to use” section on your favorite cream or face wash bottle where it says, “after applying, massage your face for 3-4 minutes” which most of us ignore. Well, that is the key to achieving the best results. Massaging not only helps your skin to get moisturized properly but also raises blood circulation in that part of the body which eventually helps in getting a healthier skin.
  5. Hit the Gym: This is my personal favorite. Every time I hit the Gym, I come out all sweaty but with a perplexing glow on my skin. Exercising helps to burn excess calories and at the same time delivers the much needed oxygen to your skin leaving it all shiny and glowy.
  6. Eat Citrus fruits: Citrus fruits are very rich in Vitamin-C content known to diminish radicals in human body. They act as antioxidants and help in getting that radiating glow on your skin. Apart from eating fruits, you can also achieve amazing results by using the pulp of oranges on your skin directly or rubbing the lemon peel on the affected areas.
  7. Use Sun-screens: When people talked about “Sun-kissed skin”, they did not specify the devastating effects of its Ultra-violet radiations on the Skin due to prolonged exposure. To stay protected from those effects, consider adopting Sunscreen lotions in your daily routine.
  8. Green Tea: Along with boosting your immune system, drinking green tea also helps in reducing inflammation levels and sebum in your skin eventually helping in reducing the problem of acne. Apart from drinking, applying wet green tea bags on your face for a few minutes can also help to achieve astonishing results. So, the next time you drink a cup of green tea, instead of throwing the tea bag, squeeze it up and rub it on your face gently for some time.
  9. Regular Home Cleanups: Even after taking very good care of your skin, there would be times when pollution will lead to dirt accumulation in your skin pores leading to black heads, white heads, pimples etc. To avoid such cases, whenever you have some time, try to pamper yourself and revitalize your skin with cleanups at home. You can use Face Scrubs, face washes or Cleanup kits available in the market and apply them yourself to feel all cleaned up.
  10. Let your skin breathe: Go for a “Fresh-faced” look every now and then and let your skin breathe and feel the oxygen. Always remember to remove your make-up every night by using a proper make-up remover and moisturize your skin before going to sleep.

Michel Coulombe once said, “Glowing skin is a result of proper skincare. It means you can wear less makeup and let skin shine through”. So take good care of your skin and stay youthful and ever glowing forever.

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