How to Style Crop Tops

Crop tops are one of those trends that are always around. While pinup models flaunted them in the 1920s and 30s, celebrities throughout the 40s, 50s, and 60s, including Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, popularized them for everyday wear. Today, you’ll see crop tops everywhere — from awards shows to the gym. Read on to learn how to style your favorite crop tops.

With a Skirt


Whether you choose a bandage, circle, or midi, you can’t go wrong with one of these with your top. Since a bandage skirt is tight and sexy, you’ll want your crop top to match it. Show just a sliver of your stomach so you’re not overexposed. With a circle skirt, you want your top to be long sleeved and tight to contrast the flowy breeziness of your skirt. For your midi skirt, play the conservative bottom off of a flirty top to keep your style modern and young.

With a Blazer

Mix business and pleasure when you wear your crop top with an oversized blazer! If you pair it with some tailored, high waisted pants, you can bring contemporary fashion into the workplace without looking unprofessional. Keep this style ready for more casual work environments — this look isn’t fit for the cut-throat corporate world.

With a High Waist

From high waisted shorts and skirts to trousers and slacks, wearing your crop top with these bottoms reduces the amount of skin you’re showing off. With a high waisted bottom, you can choose to completely cover your stomach or show just the tiniest sliver of waist. Create an effortless look when you choose tailored bottoms that provide the perfect fit.

In Layers

While you might think to layer your crop top under a sweater or vest, have you considered wearing it over something? A tight crop top over an oversized button up shirt is fashion-forward and trendy, while a loose crop top over a tight dress gives you a playful flirty ensemble. The contrast of a tight dress and the flowy top is also super slimming!

Matchy Matchy

Choosing a matching set of crop top and bottoms provides the free-spirited, resort wear vibe everybody loves in Summer. Make sure your look can transition into Fall as well when you choose darker patterns and prints. The best part about buying patterned sets? They’re super fun to mix and match with each other!

Athleisure It

Whether you’re actually going to the gym or you just like to look like you are, wearing a crop top with sportier, street styles make your ensemble the ultimate in athleisure wear. Play with proportions to make your look interesting and pair a tighter top with voluminous pants, or choose cropped capris to wear with a sweater crop top.

Wear Crop Tops Everywhere!

Crop tops are way more acceptable to wear when out and about than they used to be. Once they were relegated to the bedroom and the beach, but today you can wear them to parties, dinners, and even casual work affairs! Don’t let shyness stop you from flaunting what you’ve got and creating unforgettable crop top outfits.

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