Make a style statement as a couple every time you step out

There are so many ways to tell the world that you are in love! Fashion is in the top of the list. Do you have a great bond with your partner, why don’t you let that love come through in your clothes too. Lately, couples fashion style statement is a big fashion trend. Especially, young couples are looking for various ways to dress to impress.

However, it is very easy to go overboard with Couple fashion. It needs a bit of coordination and planning. We have put together some really useful dos and don’ts on how to dress like an ideal couple.

Make a style statement as a couple

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A big “NO” to twinning:

Sometimes, couples take the dress coordination too seriously and almost wear the same outfits. This is a complete no-no. It is good to be color coordinated but matching the colors from top to bottom is a major fashion mistake. You can rather match colors of few aspects of your outfits. Even, if you both are wearing the same color one of you could add few accessories of other colors to break the color theme.

Monochromes and Contrast colors:

You always need not wear matching colored outfits. You can also stand out by wearing classic contrast color combinations such as black and red, White and blue, Beige and Maroon etc. If you are confused or don’t have much time to dress up, blindly go for a timeless black and white monochrome look. It works for all occasions and seasons.

Be Smart with the Coordination game:

Don’t be that couple who tries too hard! Rather be clever with your coordination. Focus on the small details. Stay away from head to toe color coordination. Try to match his outfit’s color with your jewelry or shoes, you can also ask him to match his tie with your outfits for formal occasions. You can also wear similar patterns in different textures and sizes.

Focus on the fabrics:

Though most couples think that the couple’s fashion is all about color combinations and accessories, they tend to undermine the importance of the fabrics of their outfits. It is very important to coordinate your fabrics right. This doesn’t mean that you both wear the same fabrics. You can match the fabrics in more subtle ways for example: if your partner is wearing a pair of denim pants, you can match it with a denim bag or a vest.

Scale your outfits right:

You need to keep the occasion you are dressing for in mind while planning your outfits and make sure you are scaling your outfits at the same level. If one partner is dressed bare minimal and other is dressed over the top, the look won’t go well even if you match your colors and fabrics right. For example; if you are dressing up for a day outing or a picnic, make sure you both wear breezy and casual clothes.

At the end of the day, enjoy dressing up for each other, before impressing anyone else try to impress each other. Always sport a smile and walk hand- in hand,your bond will automatically reflect through your personalities.

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