Styling tips for Indian Bride and Groom

Indian weddings symbolize more than fineries, wedding planners, music, flowers, and mehndi. Most importantly, it is the union of two like-minded hearts. This eternal bond for a lifetime commitment is not only between the two people but also between the families. Indian wedding is a blend of numerous rituals, customs, and norms. The traditional marriage events last for four to five days haldi, mehndi, sangeet are few of them. Offers on ethnic wear are the way to to get a fabulous outfit to look your sartorial best on the big day.

Every going to be bride or groom wants to look his/her best in every pre and post wedding function. They start pouring their hours in exploring fashion magazines and stores to find the perfect dress. But still, they feel overwhelmed with their decisions. That’s why I had narrowed down some styling tips for every wedding event to lessen down the burden and stress of the big day.

Pre Wedding Photo Shoot: Perfect breeziness

Pre Wedding Shoot Ideas

A pre-wedding shoot is a photo session that a soon-to-be-married couple has to do days before their marriage. This shoot is something, which excites every couple because it allows them to express their love in unique style. Also, via photo shoot, a couple can portray their chemistry to the world.

Adding on, for the couples having arranged marriage, a pre-wedding shoot can help them to dissolve their hesitations and discomforts. The little sweet moments of the shoot can bring two strangers who’ll be going to bound in an eternal bond very soon a tad bit closer. As the shoot holds so much importance why to just left ordinary. Get ready to epitome to leave your better half astonished and snatch all the oodles of stare. Here is the styling tip for the couple:

For a pre-wedding shoot, apparels are required to be easy and breezy in the days of summer. For grooms, a plain kurta pyjama with floral jacket is perfect. This look is comfortable and trendy as well. And for bride a light breezy gown or Anarkali is just so perfect.

Engagement- Play with pastels

. Engagement- Play with pastels

Indian Weddings have at least four to five functions, and the engagement or ring ceremony is one of the most important. It’s the first time when guest get to see soon to be married couple and all the eyes will only on the bride and groom. So, there is always pressure for both the partners to dress in all glory. A ring ceremony is also a pre-wedding event which allows trying something trendy apart from traditional attire that is fixed for your wedding day. Here is a style tip:

There are no color limitations for engagement outfits, but pastel colors are nowadays in trend. Dusty pink is one of the most trending hue, which is not perfect only for brides, but grooms as well. A bride can choose a floral pink gown or Anarkali at engagement bash.

Mehandi- Bright and Shine

As you are all set to embrace the beautiful new phase of your life, I am sure you’re carefully going through every minute detail when it comes to preparing for all the ceremonies. But very often, with many girls, the Mehandi outfit and the look ends up taking a backseat. This can be because the ceremony usually takes place in houses. However, no matter how much small or bigger celebration is you have to get ready your best for every pre-wedding function. Here is the style tip:

When we all think of Mehendi ceremony, happy and bright color comes to our mind, and lime color is one such hues that is perfect for this fun-filled pre wedding function. The green saree with stylish stilettos for bride and parrot green kurta with the brocade Nehru Jacket is perfect for groom. And, I am sure, the couple in these attires will left everybody amaze.

Haldi – Mellow and Yellow


Haldi ceremony is yet another pre-wedding ritual in which a paste prepared from turmeric, powered sandal, and mustard oil is applied on the bride and groom’s face, shoulders and feet. For this occasion, both bride and groom stay anxious about their look. Don’t worry here is the style tip for you both:

If the mehendi is green, then Haldi must be in Yellow. No doubt the yellow shade is not too overbearing and not too dull and just perfect to choose this happy color for Haldi ceremony. Anarkali with the delicate embroidery and flowery jewelry is enough to add the right amount of oomph to bride’s look. On the other hand, a groom can choose kurta with printed jacket and mojaris.

Cocktail Party- Gown and Formals

Every girl wants to make heads turn whenever she makes an appearance in any of her wedding functions. And, the cocktail party gives you such an opportunity to take a break from your traditional outfits and loosen up in your favorite western outfit. Of course, it is not a mandate to wear them, you can also go for ethnic if you feel comfortable in them only. Here is a style tip what to wear in this pre-wedding event:

The cocktail is all about flaunting a formal or semi-formal look which is stylish as well. A bride can go for the elegant floor-length gown with kitten heels. And, a groom can complement his life partner with nice formal kurta in dark shade.

Sangeet – Ethnic outfits


One of the most talked pre-wedding functions, Sangeet is a musical celebration of two families coming together for a new start of their children. Needless to say, the Sangeet ceremony is a highlight of the wedding, so glam up that evening and let nothing come your way. Choose an outfit with a hem that will twirl with your dance moves and a fabric that won’t weigh you down. Here is an inspirational styling tip for both bride and groom:

An elegant sherwani without too many glitters is ideal for a groom on Sangeet. And, if your better half choose to wear an ethnic outfit then why a bride should be left without sparkling. Wear a lightweight lehenga with danglers. One more thing every couple should remember whatever you’re wearing should be light because it will ease two of you to dance easily and effortlessly.

Wedding- Red Lehenga and Sherwani

Finally the D-day! When to-be bride and groom get a wedding card, one of the first thing that hits in their minds is, “ What will I wear?”. We all envisioned our wedding day look once and before the few months of the day, we pour all our time in magazines and dozens of stores to get that perfect dress.  Here is a style tip for you both:

A classic red and golden lehenga for a bride and a complementing sherwani of groom never goes out of style ever. A beige or neutral color sherwani is just perfect to coordinate with the traditional lehenga of a bride. And this combination will make you and your betrothed a picture-perfect couple.

No one thinks of experimenting on their wedding days especially Indian couples. Every bride and groom wants to look best and mesmerizing on their D-day and its respective functions. One tip for perfect fairytale wedding day is trying to balance things. Every couple wants to look made for each other on the wedding day. And for this, bride and groom should discuss before going out for the shopping or go out together to avoid any wardrobe ensemble. Apart from these materialistic things, don’t forget to keep an ear to ear smile on your D-day for a picture-perfect look.