The Wedding Trends About To Watch In 2019

Obviously, weddings aren’t going anywhere, but thanks to fresh industry trends and creative couples who go their own way, they’re always changing.

“Today’s weddings are all about creating an event to remember—for both the couple and their guests”. Personalization all the way. From “I do” to favors and everything in between, there are so many ways to personalize your celebration and create unforgettable experiences. For that, you can find the number of shops in bridal gowns McAllen Tx.

Now have a look at the new trends to watch in 2019…

wedding trends

Layering Textures

The texture is nothing new, and quite often, we’ve seen it blossom throughout the fashion industry with every new collection release. But does texture have to be reserved for this category alone? Heck no! One way that couples are shrugging off a static color palette is layering unique textures that invite the eyes to dance while simultaneously awakening all the senses.

Wearable Flowers

Brides today amaze us with their creativity – namely in the accessories sector! We’re seeing more and more couples embrace living hair accessories, wraps, arm cuffs… If you’re having a summer wedding and want to achieve that layered look without the *ahem* inappropriate attire for the season, take a cue from the fashionistas and let your guests be wowed by these subtle statement pieces.

Unique Lighting

Whenever we talk about unique lighting, then candles have always been a great way to set the mood, but even better? Unique lighting fixtures to really set the mood. Move aside, string lights! Receptions in 2019 will be LIT with mixed pendants, exposed bulbs, fringed masterpieces, mini lampshades, and capiz shell chandeliers. How will you illuminate your space?

Ruffles in Fashion

The ruffled gown has been one trend that’s easy for us to spot – it’s all in the name, people! Brides + their ‘maids are choosing flirty glooms that are double the ruffles, triple the fun. Even better where color is involved! We’d love to see any of the gowns from wedding dresses McAllen Tx.

Colorblock Decor

Who doesn’t love the decoration? So, now in 2019, you will see the number of Colorblock decor. The color block trend is going strong this year through dessert displays, tablescape installs, mixed linens and even the bridal party attire! Such a simple way to make a big impact and pay homage to those colors you love.

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Epic Bridal Gown Sleeves

All hail wedding gown with sleeves! The Royal Wedding may have shown off more classic shapes and graceful structure, but brides this year will be pushing all the boundaries with their gowns. Off-the-shoulder sleeves with billowing fabric + embroidered detailing, sleek, twisted satin, tinted beading and feathers to boot… there’s nothing we don’t love about the way modern bridal sleeves are stylized.

Wrapping Up

The number of the latest wedding trends is going to see in 2019. Either it’s about bridal gown or about lighting almost everything is going to be up-to-date.

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