Tone Up Your Fashion with New Bottom Wear

“Elegance is not catching somebody’s eyes; it is staying on somebody’s memory.”-Giorgio Armani

Gone are the days when there were only two options to choose from for bottom wear. The term bottom wear has become a fashion phenomenon of sorts nowadays. A wrong combination of bottom wear can get you in the red zone of a fashion disaster list. That’s how important choosing the right pants is. So, we are here to bring your attention towards trending and new bottom wear for women.

Go sassy with Cigarette Pants

ciggret style paint

Leading the latest drift, Cigarette pants bless the professional wonk to adopt the professional attire without losing the traditional ethics. These are one of the fashion trends which don’t require any specific matching with your upper wear. They can be opted with a suit, kurti or long length top.

Edgy and stylish with Jeggings

Jeggings style

In recent years, Jeggings have gained huge popularity out of nothing. These are comfortable, fuss free and reliable and works perfectly for people that have extra flesh around the waist. You can team them up with absolutely everything, just avoid long kurtis.

Turn up the retro vibe with Plazzo Pants

Plazzo Pants

Palazzo is the sensation of the season and why not, they are comfortable and chic.Tank tops, camisoles, spaghetti tops are best paired with the flared out plazzo pants. The high-waisted broad belt aces up your look and makes your waist look even slimmer.

Look playful with Floral Pants

Floral Pants

Bottoms without design or unparallel prints look quite unexcited to us. For a playful mood and occasion, floral pants are quite loved by every age of woman. They have quirky designs or traditional motifs which look quite frivoling yet classic. Prefer cotton shirts or short kurtis, so that fabulous art style can be noticed by your peers.

Jazz up with Harem/Aladdin PantsHarem style paint

You can transform your downtown look into fabulous fashion glamour by trying some indo-western style bottom wears. These harem pants give vivacious vibes and are favoured widely. It is also a hot trend amongst young girls who likes to stay relaxed and stylish at the same time.

Get that ethnic look with Dhoti Salwar


If you’re an ethical outfit lover, put on some traditional bottom wears for that charming Indianness. Experience the complete manifestation of grace with this authentic creation of salwar that goes with every type of short kurtis to become the traditional idol beauty.

You can modernize your look with these modish bottom wears and bring out that ravishing gorgeousness of yours, by making the right choice. Serve them a platter to envy!

So Say Bye Bye Jeans! and Try These New Trendy Bottom Wear!