Top 10 Most Expensive Handbags

Women and handbags – these two are for sure an inseparable couple. This love story started almost a century back in 1920. Since those days handbags proved that they are not just an accessory but a vital device to a woman’s collection.

Did you know: Louis Vuitton was the first to design exclusive handbags?

The brand is now creating an image of luxury that has the global footprint. Handbags are commonly known as purses. A special occasion requires a special handbag. Quickly glance through the most expensive handbag brands at the global level – right here, right now.

The following are regarded as the global top 10 most expensive handbags:

These were some ultra-stylish and expensive handbags that are making their place in celebrity wardrobes.

1. 1001 Nights Diamond Purse by Mouawad – $3,800,000

This heart-shaped handbag is certified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive handbag in the world.

● It is made of 18kt gold which is coated with diamonds
● Out of total 4,517 diamonds, 105 are yellow, 56 are pink and 4,356 are colorless.
● It weighs 381.92 carats.
● 10 professional artisans put in 8,800 hours to complete this masterpiece bag.

2. Hermes Birkin Bag by Ginza Tanaka- $1.9 million

This elegant Hermes Birkin bag is 100% made of platinum. The sole credit goes to Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka.
● This bag is adorned it with 2,000 diamonds.
● It can also be used as the accessory.
● It features an 8-carat pear-shaped shimmering diamond in the center. You can use this clasp as a brooch.
● You can remove strap use it as diamond bracelet or necklace.

3. Niloticus Crocodile Diamond by the Hermes Himalaya Birkin – $379,000

This cute packet is one of the most sought-after bags. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian own this pride.
● This beauty is handmade from Niloticus crocodile
● It contains more than 240 diamonds on its 18-karat-gold hardware
● In Hong Kong, at the Christie’s auctions, this bag was sold for more than $379,000.

4. Diamond Forever Classic Handbag by Chanel – $261,000

Chanel is a well-known brand that has always accompanied celebs to The Oscars, movie premiers and all those events where fashion can be boasted off. Celebrities like Emma Watson and Lauren Conrad are some of its users.

When we talk about the designer and expensive handbags, one definitely cannot skip this.
● It is crafted from fine crocodile leather and decked with 334 diamonds in total, worth 3.56 carats
● The base of this bag is 18-carat white gold.
● Its shoulder straps are also made of white gold.
● Chanel has made only 13 of these bags

5. Cleopatra Bag by Lana Marks – $250,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Handbags

Lana Marks, as a brand, is famous for it’s a class apart luxurious range of handbags and sophisticated, luxurious clutches. Its designer clutches not only dazzled the racks of the stores but also made their way on the red carpets. Every year Lana Marks produces only one Cleopatra bag.

● A group of 5 European artisans was utilized to complete this marvelous piece of art.
● This bag is made of metallic silver alligator skin.
● It contains a clasp with 1,500 cut black and white diamonds set in 18-carat white gold.

6. Urban Satchel Bag by Louis Vuitton – $150,000

This is not an ordinary Louis Vuitton bag. Did you know: Popular star, Ashley Olsen signed a multi-billion dollar contract to advertise for this handbag?
● The handbag is made from, quite literally, recycled rubbish.
● It is composed of dumped items such as empty cigarette packets, water bottles, chewing gum wrappers and more waste.

7. Matte Crocodile Bag by the Hermes Himalaya Birkin – $120,000

Top 10 Most Expensive Handbags

This cute bag is encouraged by French actress and singer Jane Birkin.
● It is made of top grade crocodile skin
● The clasp of bag features 10 carats of white diamonds.

8. The Precious Rose Bag by Judith Leiber – $92,000

This luxurious piece is crafted by well-known brand, Hungarian-born American designer, Judith Leiber. This name came into limelight for her minaudières, lovely little handbags, with innovative shapes, decorated with precious crystals and gems.

● This Precious Rose bag is covered in precious stones

1,016 diamonds, Tourmalines 800 and 1,196 Pink sapphires.

● It is crafted with 42 carats of the above-mentioned combination of jewels.

9. New Age Traveller backpack by Louis Vuitton – $54,500

Top 10 Most Expensive Handbags

The Louis Vuitton New Age Traveller backpack is innovative in its design and hence appears in the list of most expensive handbags
● The backpack features various lurex jacquard woven Monogram fabrics
● Alongside the bag has exotic crocodile skin and snakeskin.
● It is made up of suede leather tassels and headphone cables, and two furry fox tail charms.

10. Hilde Palladino by Gadino – $38,470

Top 10 Most Expensive Handbags


The last one in the list, but not the least is the Gadino Bag. This splendid design is created by Hilde Palladino, a Norwegian Designer. She is a well-known designer for expensive handbags at the global level. All her products are seen in all high-end stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Harvey Nichols

● This bag is made from white crocodile skin
● It has 39 high-quality white diamonds.
● All diamonds are strategically placed on the clasps purely made from white gold!

Signing off…!

Which of these most expensive handbags are you drooling over today? At the end of the day, its not about the cost – it is all about the style. Pick the handbag that can match your style.
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